Chaminade Alumni Reunions


Saturday, April 13, 2019

Schedule of Events

4:30 p.m. Mass in the Chaminade Chapel
5:45 p.m. School tours
6:30 p.m. Cocktails and dinner in the Activity-Athletic Center

Class Gift Donors to Date

Anthony Annexy, Alex Balko, John Beam, Kevin Beer, Peter Birdsall, Gregory Briglio, Kevin Cherry, Anthony Cilmi, William Cooney, John Crowley, Adam Delligatti, Robert DeVita, Christopher Duffy, Paul Durnan, Leslie Eyma, Gerard Fehling, Bryan Fleming, Patrick Freaney, John Garvey, Mark Josling, Larry Juliano, Ryan Knowles, Kevin Knox, Michael Krenn, Chris Lagasse, Matthew Lyons, Todd Mahoney, Arthur Maisano, Michael McIsaac, Christopher McLaughlin, Michael Minutoli, Brendan Morrow, Philip Nestico, Michael Neumann, Daniel O'Brien, Matthew Overs, John Quinterno, Christopher Resch, William Safarik, Anthony Santulin, Colin Walsh

Attendees to Date

Alumni and Guests
Anthony Annexy, Alex Balko (Jeanine), Richard Bergskaug (Amanda Maguire), Peter Birdsall (Micheline Cherveny), Gregory Briglio, Anthony Cilmi, Charles Constantin, Michael Conway (Diana), William Cooney (Sarah), John Crowley (Danielle), Adam Delligatti (Elizabeth), Robert DeVita, Andrew Didora, Scott Di Pino (Kathy), Mark Doolan (Roli), Christopher Duffy, Leslie Eyma, Jr. (Renée), Gerard Fehling, Bryan Fleming (Stephanie), Richard Frino, John Garvey, Brian Hallinan (Meghan), Robert Hyland, Michael Ingrassia, Mark Josling, Larry Juliano (Caryn), Charlie Karazia, Ryan Kelly (Mary Ann), Ryan Knowles, Kevin Knox (Bethany, CJ, and Gabe for tour only), Michael Krenn (Denise), Francis LaBarbera (Teale), Chris Lagasse, Gaetan Laurencon, Christopher Lee, Jim Long, Matthew Lyons, Todd Mahoney (Sarah), Arthur Maisano (Victoria), Greg Manago, Neils Martin, John McGann (Jennifer), Michael McIsaac, Christopher McLaughlin, Gregory Melnick, Michael Milo, Michael Minutoli, Brendan Morrow, Richard Mullaney, Daniel O'Brien (Amy Koepfler), Brian O'Hagen, John Olson, Filippo Petti (Jeanne), John Quinterno, James Richichi (Kimberly), Christopher Salogub, Vincent Santamauro (Lindsay Williams), Anthony Santulin (Michelle), Michael Satzinger, Jordan Scalere (Kerry), Peter Scavuzzo (Lauren), Joe Sena (Virginia), Glenn Turano, Robert Tynan, Frank Veprek, Colin Walsh (Joyce), Chris Wood, Charles Zitzmann (Nicole Condit)

Current/Former Staff and Guests
Bro. Stephen Balletta ’74, Bro. Joseph Bellizzi ’78, Bruce Bombara, Bill Carriero ’69 (Kathy), Jim Cassata, Bro. Thomas Cleary ’81, Lou Cosentino, George Dlugolonski, Bro. Tomothy Driscoll ’76, Chris Hanley ’80, Bro. Richard Hartz ’59, Jim Hock (Sue), Deborah Kendric, Guy LaCognata ’15, Bro. Robert Lahey ’65, Fr. Garrett Long ’62, Bro. John McGrory ’84, Bro. Dermot Meehan ’74, Kevin Parente ’82, Bro. Roger Poletti ’74, Bro. Patrick Sarsfield ’86, Bro. Lawrence Syriac, Sal Trentacose (Marina), Rich Tully (Idamarie)

Your Favorite Chaminade Memories

"Friends." - Peter Scavuzzo

"So many...but Chaminade's overall commitment to excellence continues to shape the man, husband, and father I am today." - Arthur Maisano

"To be continued..." - Brian Hallinan

"Senior night." - Richard Frino

"European handball." - John Crowley

"My favorite Chaminade memory happens to be the close friendships I made while I attended." - Leslie Eyma, Jr.

"Trays dropping in the cafeteria." - Brian O'Hagen

"Mr. DeVita you have clean up today. Roooooooom 4." - Robert DeVita

"Lifelong friends that I met and the rib sandwiches." - Brendan Morrow

"Junior prom." - Filippo Petti

"Math class and Sodality with Bro. Zarzycki." - Robert Tynan

"LOU!! Also, the sense of camaraderie, family, and unity I experienced for four years whenever I walked through the door of Chaminade High School. I truly made friendships there that have lasted 25 years - guys that are like brothers to me." - Frank Veprek

"Making lifelong friends. Doing the morning announcements. And a lot of laughs." - Greg Manago

"Classmates and teachers turned into friends, and through the years have turned into brothers." - Mark Doolan

"Aside from the four baseball championships I helped win...I will never forget that first class on that first day - Mrs. Ruesch - Freshman English - and discussing the Hobbit...from there ALL of my English classes were full of great memories, discussions, and writing." - Richard Bergskaug

"Working with Bro. Joe Genovese and my fellow catechists in the Parish Religious Education Program at St. Thomas Parish in West Hempstead." - Richard Mullaney

"Tennis." - Gregory Melnick

"TEAlicious box drinks. Every. Single. Day." - Michael McIsaac

"Sophomore year I was running the track for gym 3rd period. During class I lost a medal that I had received on my first holy communion. Coach Pomps had every subsequent class walk one lap looking down for my medal. Imagine my surprise when PM announcements called me down to the gym office. He found that medal! Coach could have dismissed it as a careless student, but he showed how much he cared for each and every student that day and I have never forgotten!" - James Richichi

"So many, but overarching would be the relationships with all the teachers and coaches throughout my time there. Their guidance and oversight was/is irreplaceable." - Anthony Annexy

"Great teachers and family." - Robert Hyland

"Playing on Ott Field." - John Garvey

"Lunches with the greatest group of friends." - Peter Birdsall

Lost Class Members

If you have contact information for any of these classmates, please call the Chaminade Office of Advancement at (516) 742-5555 ext. 420. Thank you.

Michael Ahrens, Thomas Becher, James Breheny, Daniel Jordan, Christopher Lee, Brian Marcus, John Marrone, John Meehan, Marc Mendillo, Jeffrey Quiroz, Matthew Savino, John Schoenig, Jonathan Tassie, Frank Veprek, Michael Warren

Deceased Class Members

Please pray for:
Thomas Brull, Douglas Hilly, Gavin Murphy, Timothy O'Connor, and Peter Palamara