Combined Reunions

Classes of 1939, 1944, 1949, 1954, 1959, 1964, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1999, 2004, 2009, and 2014

Schedule of Events

1:30 p.m. Varsity football vs. Xavier, Ott Field

4 p.m. Mass, Activity-Athletic Center Hearst Auditorium

5 p.m. Chaminade tour (begins at Activity-Athletic Center)

6 p.m. Cocktails and dinner in the Activity-Athletic Center

Class Gift Donors to Date

Donald Brown

John Aneser, Paul Eberst, L. Robert Libutti

Michael Clifford, Thomas Long, Lawrence Longua, Robert Stepsis, Joseph Swords

George Maguire

James Capozzi, Tracy Freeman, Howard Fritz, John Ryan, James Tomlin

Richard Ciccarello, Patrick Zacchea

Ernesto Tersigni, Douglas Thompson

Anonymous, John Bertrand, Michael Flatley, Michael Jew, James Prendergast, Adam Spahn

Brian Hayes

Thomas Matesich, Michael Morrisey

Kevin Kelly, Gregory Oprea, Michael Stepniewski

Attendees to Date

John Aneser, John Craine (Mary), John Dalton, Paul Eberst

John Bransfield (Chris), Bro. Richard Hartz, Richard Haverland (Rosemary), Lawrence Longua (Linda), Joseph Swords (Susan)

Bro. Stephen Balletta, James Capozzi (Kathie), Sean Clancy, John Fawls (Cheryl), Rick Hess (Janet), Steven Liguori (Elizabeth), Peter Suhr, James Tomlin, James Vorbach (Linda)

Richard Ciccarello, Gregory D'Angelo (Janice), Peter Healy (Margaret), Robert O'Brien, Patrick Zacchea

Doug Thompson

Kenneth Aron, John Bertrand (Hope), David DeMilt, Manos Diakoumakis, Daniel Forrester, Regis Gallet (Cristi), Charles Horn, Jim Prendergast, Adam Spahn (Tricia), John Travaglia

Brian Hayes (Breanna), Dan Parente

John Ewen (Allison Brancato), Thomas Matesich, Michael Morrisey (Laura Denning), Matthew Reid

Brian Greene, Ryan Higgins, Michael Stepniewski

Blaise Casillo, Anthony Gullo, Nicholas LaGinestra, Vincent Lieberz, David Reyes, James Sari, Michael Schraibman

Your Favorite Chaminade Memories

"Being a senior leader and being able to give back to Chaminade by helping the incoming freshman class take advantage of all that Chaminade had to offer." - James Sari '14

"Going undefeated freshman year of football." - Steven Liguori '74

"There are many...the Chaminade Band is a theme in quite a few...if I had to pick one it would be when the band played Flight of the Bumble Bee on the radio show Ray Heatherton's Breakfast Club in '72." - James Vorbach '74

"Being a part of the varsity football team that defeated St. Anthony's in the CHSFL in 2012." - Nicholas LaGinestra '14

"Sock hops after football at Hofstra." - Rick Hess '74

"All the English literature classes - and watching Bro. Zehnle in action in  front of a class." - Daniel Forrester '89

"To be honest, my best friend and I got in trouble one day for something we did not do. It was during a Mass and the "Let Me Be Broken" song was up. We actually really enjoyed the song. At one point, a substitute teacher thought we were making fun of it which was NOT the case. We would never do such a thing at a Mass PLUS we loved the song. We were given green slips. On my own time, I went to see Bro. McAward '76 who, at the time, was the dean. I told him what had happened and he believed me. And he tore up the slip. I was greatly moved that he trusted me. It meant the world to me. It really was not so much about the detention or the demerits. It was about being blamed for something I did not do." - Regis Gallet '89

"Drummer in Ferdie's band." John Craine '54

"Battlefield trips with the Social Studies Club." - Michael Morrisey '04

"Too many to choose from, but I'll say going to Disney World senior year and bonding with my classmates." - David Reyes '14

"When I graduated." - Michael Schraibman '14

"Many of the clubs that I did, such as Speech and Debate, Apostles, Catholic League, PREP, etc." - Anthony Gullo '14

"Lifelong friendships." - John Fawls '74