Combined Reunions

Classes of 1939, 1944, 1949, 1954, 1959, 1964, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1999, 2004, 2009, and 2014

Schedule of Events

1:30 p.m. Varsity football vs. Xavier, Ott Field

4 p.m. Mass, Activity-Athletic Center Hearst Auditorium

5 p.m. Chaminade tour (begins at Activity-Athletic Center)

6 p.m. Cocktails and dinner in the Activity-Athletic Center

Class Gift Donors to Date

Lawrence Pinto

Donald Brown, Joseph Collins

John Aneser, Paul Eberst, L. Robert Libutti, Patrick Mohoney, Richard Manning, William Merritt

Mark Buthorn, Nicholas Capece, Laurence Cassar, Michael Clifford, Robert Heenan, Thomas Long, Lawrence Longua, Walter McGuire, Frederick Smith, Robert Stepsis, Joseph Swords

George Maguire, James Nee, Kenneth Warburton

James Capozzi, Robert Cole, Robert DeGennaro, William Egan, Tracy Freeman, Howard Fritz, Paul Gazzara, Paul Kaplun, Patrick McHugh, John Ryan, James Tomlin, James Tormey

Michael Butler, Richard Ciccarello, Mark Fitzpatrick, Steven Mahlan, Patrick Zacchea

Andrew Baker, Philip Landolphi, Alan MacKenzie, Brian O'Neill, Ernesto Tersigni, Douglas Thompson

Anonymous, John Bertrand, Michael Flatley, Michael Jew, James Prendergast, Adam Spahn, Matthew Travaglia, Andrew Vecere, Thomas Ward

Brian Hayes, Kevin McLaughlin, James Reidy, Robert Sica

Brian Alas, Joseph Castiglie, Alexander DeMatteis, Peter Guinnane, Patrick Kerner, Anthony Lupis, Thomas Matesich, Michael Morrisey, Thomas Salogub, Ryan Sullivan

Stephen Chmil, Ryan Higgins, Kevin Kelly, Christian Kern, Gregory Oprea, Michael Stepniewski

Kyle Lynch, Chase Matesich, James McCarty, James Walsh

Attendees to Date

John Aneser, John Craine (Mary), John Dalton, Paul Eberst, George Fink, Patrick Mahoney, William Merritt, Ray Miller, Richard Walsh

Jack Bransfield (Chris), Mark Buthorn, Nicholas Capece (Helen), Laurence Cassar (Maureen), Joseph Farrell, Bro. Richard Hartz, Richard Haverland (Rosemary), Robert Heenan (Denise), Lawrence Longua (Linda), Walter McGuire (Helena Hahn), Joseph Swords (Susan)

Kenneth Warburton

Bro. Stephen Balletta, Joe Braue, James Capozzi (Kathie), Scott Castellano, Sean Clancy, Robert Cole, Gerard Conway, Tim Dennin, John Fawls (Cheryl), Charles Flock, Tracy Freeman, Paul Gazzara, Rick Hess (Janet), Steven Liguori (Elizabeth), John Lindon, Michael Maffucci (Kathleen), William Manico, John McCoy, Patrick McHugh, John McWilliams, Bro. Dermot Meehan, Jim Noone, James Pfeifer, Roy Pressimone, John Regan (guest of Robert Cole), Robert Robinson, Ronald Rochester (Marie), John Ryan (Elaine), John Sherman, Peter Suhr, James Tomlin, James Tormey, James Vorbach (Linda), Michael Waldron (Andrea), Richard Wolfe

Daniel Barabino, Michael Butler, Richard Ciccarello, Gregory D'Angelo (Janice), Frank DuPont, Mark Fitzpatrick, Robert Flock, Kenneth Gill, Peter Healy (Margaret), Steven Mahlan, Rick Mendler, Jim Mercadante, John Mullin, Robert O'Brien, Edward Purcell, Robert Vassallo (Tricia), Patrick Zacchea

Phil Fahey (Megan), Scott Feryo (Lauren), John Fischer, Patrick Gardner (Andrea Fasting), Terry Gardner, Fred Grasso, Philip Laffey, Philip Landolphi, Ron Marciano, William McCarthy, James Newman, Brian O'Neill, Christopher Polimeni, John Ryan, Doug Thompson, Arthur Zahradnik

Joseph Alduino, Robert Alessi, Brian Anselmo (Sheri), Kenneth Aron, Paul Arxer, Leo Barnes, John Bertrand (Hope), Tom Breslin (Regina), Thomas Cassar (KerryAnn), David DeMilt, Manos Diakoumakis, Ronnie Eith (Mariana Kolev), Michael Flatley, Denis Flood, Daniel Forrester, Andrew Gallagher, Regis Gallet (Cristi), Kevin Gavigan, Richard Hazel, Charles Horn, Michael Jew (Lam Siu), Keith Macias, Michael Martin, Christopher McGrath, Greg Monseliu, Chuck Montana (Charlie Montana), Michael O'Grady (Christine), David Power, Jim Prendergast, Christopher Roth, Richard Skeans, Edward Smith, Adam Spahn (Tricia), John Travaglia, Matthew Travaglia, Andrew Vecere, Jeremy Walsh, Thomas Ward, Michael Wilson (Michelle)

Michael Bonneville, Andrew Cameron, Peter Cifichiello (Lynn De Koekkoek), Sean Conroy, Michael Corbi, Gerard DeGregoris (Jana), Ken Frank (Shawna Brandle), David Franks, Brian Hayes (Breanna), Michael Hirschfield, Christopher Indrieri, Martin Kearns (Ann), Timothy Kelly, Keith Kerrane, Mike Lavelle, Peter Lindner, Kevin McLaughlin, Timothy Miller, Philip Murawski, Tony Nocito (Kara), Dan Parente, Joseph Pollaci, James Reidy (Teressa), James Rudolph, Rob Sica, Andrew Simons, Douglas Taggart, Philip Vessa, Edgar White (Stephanie)

Ryan Aguirre, Patrick Bonanno (Kate Huether), Brian Carlsen (Kathy Nguyen), Joseph Castiglie, James Corley, Michael Coutu (Nicole), Neil Diskin (Erin), Robert Erikson (Kaylan), John Ewen (Allison Brancato), Tiegh Francois, Andrew Grasso, Peter Guinnane (Amanda), Brian Hopkins, James Janowski, Dan Kane, Patrick Kemp (Meaghan), Patrick Kerner, Daniel LaRose, Michael Lella, Anthony Lupis (Sarah Halloran), Marco Marchitelli, Ed Martin, Thomas Matesich, Colin McSherry, Michael Morrisey (Laura), Robert O'Keefe (Katie), Michael Razzano (Nicole), David Redmond, John Reedy, Matthew Reid, Thomas Salogub (Sue), Michael Somma, Ryan Sullivan, Matthew Sussingham, Daniel Taormina, Stephen Tricarico, Michael Williams, Richard Zanoni

Gerard Agosta, Thomas Arning, Stephen Chmil, Colin Dickinson, John DiMino, Brian Ernenwein, Mac Galvin, Mike Gamber, Brian Greene, Ryan Higgins, John Imbornoni, Michael Jacobellis, Brian Jones, Christian Kern, Peter Madacsi, Kevin McGowan, Ross Pearlman, Christopher Pedraita, Mike Pucci (Nicole), Michael Romano, Mike Salogub, Michael Stepniewski, Michael Strandberg (Jen), Fr. Christopher Sullivan, Kyle Textor, Chris Tota (Laura)

Michael Bartels, Colin Bonomi, Danyal Brink, John Busweiler, Nicolas Calo, Blaise Casillo, Michael Chiara, James Coady, Dean Cosenza (Jessica DiBugno), Kelvin De Leon, Mac Galvin, Michael Goldin, Dan Gonyon, Anthony Gullo, Brian Johnson, Chris Johnston, Nicholas LaGinestra, Vincent Lieberz (Kathryn Eiler), Danilo Lozada, Kyle Lynch, Sean Manning, James Marchetta (Breanne Pinto), Chase Matesich, Sean McCabe, James McElwain, Robert McHugh (Jazline Paz), Michael Nunziata, John O'Grady, Kyle O'Sullivan, Zachary Pournazari, Michael Randazzo, David Reyes (Colleen Dunn), James Sari, Michael Schraibman, Joseph Sirna, Rory Sloan, Patrick Terry, Joseph Tricarico, Scott Waldron, James Walsh (Theresa Button), James Zwilling

Your Favorite Chaminade Memories

"Being a senior leader and being able to give back to Chaminade by helping the incoming freshman class take advantage of all that Chaminade had to offer." - James Sari '14

"Going undefeated freshman year of football." - Steven Liguori '74

"There are many...the Chaminade Band is a theme in quite a few...if I had to pick one it would be when the band played Flight of the Bumble Bee on the radio show Ray Heatherton's Breakfast Club in '72." - James Vorbach '74

"Being a part of the varsity football team that defeated St. Anthony's in the CHSFL in 2012." - Nicholas LaGinestra '14

"Sock hops after football at Hofstra." - Rick Hess '74

"All the English literature classes - and watching Bro. Zehnle in action in  front of a class." - Daniel Forrester '89

"To be honest, my best friend and I got in trouble one day for something we did not do. It was during a Mass and the "Let Me Be Broken" song was up. We actually really enjoyed the song. At one point, a substitute teacher thought we were making fun of it which was NOT the case. We would never do such a thing at a Mass PLUS we loved the song. We were given green slips. On my own time, I went to see Bro. McAward '76 who, at the time, was the dean. I told him what had happened and he believed me. And he tore up the slip. I was greatly moved that he trusted me. It meant the world to me. It really was not so much about the detention or the demerits. It was about being blamed for something I did not do." - Regis Gallet '89

"Drummer in Ferdie's band." John Craine '54

"Battlefield trips with the Social Studies Club." - Michael Morrisey '04

"Too many to choose from, but I'll say going to Disney World senior year and bonding with my classmates." - David Reyes '14

"When I graduated." - Michael Schraibman '14

"Many of the clubs that I did, such as Speech and Debate, Apostles, Catholic League, PREP, etc." - Anthony Gullo '14

"Lifelong friendships." - John Fawls '74

"Speedball." - Ross Pearlman '09

"The friends I made over my four years at Chaminade were some of the most important relationships I have formed in my life." - Ken Frank '99

"There are too many to pick a favorite but our 25th Reunion was one of the best. Looking forward to a great 45th!" - Robert Cole '74

"Trying to read Shakespeare with a British accent in class and it coming out sounding more Yiddish than British!" - Robert Robinson '74

"Seeing Zane Wasp kick the winning field goal to win the Catholic High School Varsity Football Championship who started kicking when I coached him in youth football and that I sent a letter of recommendation that helped him in his attendance of Chaminade." - Ronald Rochester '74

"Standing on stage at graduation or at retreat at Meribah....its a toss up. Both were euphoric; the presence of the Holy Spirit was profound, and goosebumps abound." - Ryan Aguirre '04

"Playing in the Catholic State Championship lacrosse game my senior year. We lost, but it was the last game I played with all of my best friends." - Patrick Bonanno '04

"Running on the banked wooden track in the dead of winter with Bro. Syriac; conversations with Bro. Lahey '65; playing soccer freshman year and receiving a varsity letter; having lunch every day with my good friend Sean DeBardelaben." - James Pfeifer '74

"There are so many memories. Many great ones, some not-so great ones. I remember religion being stressful for me because I am not Catholic. Fr. Lorfanfant would go out of his way to make me feel comfortable and to offer side-by-side comparisons of the Catholic and Greek Orthodox religions. As a result of his kindness, dignity, and regard for everyone, I learned more about Church history than I would have if I was, otherwise, guarded and apprehensive. Thank you Fr. Lorfanfant, my favorite all-time educator." - Manos Diakoumakis '89

"George Toop and freshman football; Mr. Tozar and The Federalist Papers; Brian Tuohy and The Great Gatsby; Mr. Kiley and I don’t know what!; Fr. Lorfanfant - be nice!; the pool on the 4th floor; student lounge senior year; Fiddler on the Roof; winter track on the boards!" - John Sherman '74

"Winning JV and varsity baseball championships!" - Thomas Ward '89

"Too many to list, however - making the honor roll for the first time freshman year, as well as meeting Fr. Garrett and Bro. Robert at a Yankee game and thus renewing my connection with the Chaminade family. Winning the golf tournament was also great!" - Scott Feryo '84

"Graduation." - James McElwain '14

"Crew team." - John DiMino '09

"Graduation!" - Martin Kearns '99

"Honestly, I don't have a favorite memory. I'm not sure I got everything out of the school that I could in terms of involvement and such. I probably blossomed (grew up?) more in college. For almost four years I did have lunch at the same table with John Stewart, Ed Patterson and Charlie Gardner. And this year we lost John Stewart to a heart attack. So I thought he would find it appropriate and a little bit amusing if after all the years of avoiding these reunions, I finally went to one." - Joe Braue '74

"Winning Chaminade's first state championship for soccer my junior year." - Michael Somma '04

"My favorite Chaminade memory is the 2003 USA trip." - Anthony Lupis '04

"Winning the CHSAA Football Championship." - Peter Cifichiello '99

"Retreats at Founders Hollow and hiking trips to the Adirondacks." - James Marchetta '14

"My favorite memory is the friendships made." - Colin Bonomi '14

"Winning the Varsity Football Championship in 2013." - John Busweiler '14

"Playing in the jazz band." - Gerard DeGregoris '99

"Fr. Ernest Lorfanfant 10th grade religion class." - David Power '89

"There are so many. But my number one Chaminade moment was participating in the offertory procession at the Baccalaureate Mass where my son was an Extraordinary Minister and a graduate." - Daniel Barabino '79

"My favorite memory is when we beat Monsignor Farrell in football my junior year." - Jeremy Walsh '89

"Loved it all...except comps...could have done without those!" - Timothy Kelly '99

"Oddly enough, it might be Sodality sessions with Bro. Smith and seven to eight of my classmates. I found out some fairly profound things about myself that I still think about to this day." - Jim Noone '74

"Our homeroom - starting out as the 1B Banditos, homeroom night, and becoming perennial tug-of-war champions." - Gerard Conway '74

"Athletics and the friendships formed through our experiences." - Michael Lella '04

"3C week sporting activities followed closely by Sr. Woods' 'extra help' English class." - Chuck Montana '89

"Time spent playing lacrosse and football." - Dan Kane '04

"Too many. All very funny. But the fondest: Operation C.L.A.W. in the summer of '88 (painting ceilings, lockers, and walls) with a great crew headed by Bro. Balletta. A practical skill and wonderful memory that I always recall every time I pick up a brush. The building was pretty serene in the summer. I felt a great sense of ownership and pride going into my senior year... and redemption(!) from the green slip I got during sophomore year comps for drawing graffiti on a desk. Green slip during comps - definitely the lowest point of my time at Chaminade and LEAST FAVORITE memory!" - Richard Hazel '89

"In 2002, I was lucky enough to be part of the varsity soccer team that won the state championship. This was during my junior year and playing time was very limited, but that didn't matter. We were a tightly united team with one drive and one mind to push each other to be the best we could be. Our hard work and dedication to each other was rewarded with a quadruple overtime into penalty kicks win over a #4 ranked St. Johns to win the LI championship. Then a week later, a NY state championship win. The team building with that squad, and the good times we had both on and off the field, stay with me." - Matthew Sussingham '04

"All the activities and friends I made while playing varsity soccer, through intramurals, or even at lunchtime in the cafeteria." - Marco Marchtelli '04

"All good. Lacrosse with Coach Pomps." - Arthur Zahradnik '84

"There are so many memories. Working at Meribah, ETV, and Communications Club etc. My favorite memory is probably our graduation - the last such graduation in Darby Auditorium." - John Fischer '84

"Saying a prayer in front of Mary before football games." - Robert Vassallo '79

"Making friends that'll last a lifetime." - Danyal Brink '14

"My time on the wrestling team." - Patrick Kerner '04

"The camaraderie with my fellow Chaminade Long Island Rail Road commuters. The walk from the train station in the morning was always made better with a stop at the Mineola bagel shop." - Thomas Cassar '89

"My favorite Chaminade memory would have to be the senior trip to Disney World in Florida. Being able to spend those few days in a row with close friends and classmates to celebrate the end of a four-year journey was an incredibly fun and special experience that I'll always fondly remember. Between all of the planned activities and the free time to explore the park, the senior trip was an extraordinary chance to reflect on my time at Chaminade and look back on my development from a teenager to a young adult. I'll always remember the senior trip as my first time going to Disney World; the only thing I'll ever hold against it was that it set the bar so high in such a way that I know I'll never quite be able to recreate it when I go back - haha." - James Coady '14

"Everything." - David Franks '99

"Last day of comps senior year on the staircase knowing we just completed an arduous 4-year education that required hard work and dedication. Celebrating with the friends I made is a moment I’ll never forget." - Michael Romano '09

"Daily Adoration during lunch." - Fr. Christopher Sullivan '09

"My favorite memory was definitely the trip to Disney World. My friends and I still talk about it and share the photos we have from it. Awesome time." - Sean McCabe '14

"The Chaminade 500." - Patrick Gardner '84

"The fun I had during 3C week." - Nicolas Calo '14

"The mornings hanging out with my friends in the cafeteria, talking about shows, school, video games, and cracking jokes made my days easy and enjoyable to get through." - Kelvin De Leon '14

"Winning the Speech and Debate Team National Championship in 1979!" - Jim Mercadante '79

"1. Communion in the chapel before lunch. 2. German class. 3. Playing football for the Crimson and Gold." - Ronnie Eith '89

"Homeroom shenanigans." - Zachary Pournazari '14

"Winding down senior year and looking back on the experience with good friends." - Peter Guinnane '04

"I always loved the school plays. Teachers were very influential and the friends I’ve made are lifelong." - Peter Madacsi '09

"Storming the field after we beat St. Anthony's in the championship football game in 2012." - Scott Waldron '14

"Zane Wasp's FG to beat Saint Anthony's in the championship game." - Patrick Terry '14

"Seeing my son Michael graduate 39 years after me." - Michael Maffucci '74

"The friends that became family, as well as the ethics and morals ingrained in me to this day." - Michael Razzano '04

"Yearbook fundraising videos during homeroom." Tony Nocito '99

"Bro. Syriac's World Regional Studies class. Best teacher of all my years in school. He sparked in me a profound interest in world affairs that I retain to this day. Speech and Debate with Bro. Z. prepared me to be a courtroom lawyer. All in all, Chaminade taught me to think critically, be prayerful, and to question authority of all sorts. Forever grateful." - William Manico '74

"I’d say the entire high school experience was memorable but the lasting impact of life long friendships has had the most impact on me. Also just the camaraderie developed on the sports teams I played on." - Mike Pucci '09

"Varsity football and varsity track." - Tiegh Francois '04

"Bus 89." - Kyle Textor '09

"Bro. Larry's battlefield tours!" - Michael Bartels '14

"At the final race of the Cross-Country season of my senior year, up in the Bronx at Van Cortland Park, I lunged past a St. Anthony's runner just before the finish line. Not only did I beat him in the race, but I also wound up winning the very last medal in that race. It was a double victory; I won a medal, and in so doing denied a St. Anthony's runner what would have been HIS medal." - Michael Martin '89

"Sports practices." - James Corley '04