Chaminade Alumni Association Leadership

The Chaminade Alumni Association may be reached by telephone during regular school hours at (516) 742-5555 ext. 420. Email addresses for Association leadership may be found here.

Bro. Richard Hartz, S.M. ’59
Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Deborah Kendric
Assistant Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Christopher Hanley ’80
Senior Development Officer

Kevin Parente ’82
Assistant Director of Alumni

Alumni Association Board

Anthony Patten ’87
Vice President
Chris Foresto ’94
Permanent Member
Ernest T. Bartol ’63
Permanent Member
Barry Champney ’70
Permanent Member
Richard P. Kearns ’68
Permanent Member
Lawrence Mahon ’78
Permanent Member
Craig Tigh ’72

Vice President
Jay Lynch ’71
Vice President
Kevin Kitt ’05
Permanent Member
Christopher Byczek ’66
Permanent Member
Patrick Donnelly ’80
Permanent Member
Daniel Landolphi ’82
Permanent Member
Charles F. Mansfield ’62
Permanent Member
Robert F. Van der Waag ’61

Vice President
Leo Barnes ’89
Past President
Gus Nuzzolese ’76
Permanent Member
Michael Carey ’67
Permanent Member
John Fawls ’74
Permanent Member
Edward Smith ’89
Permanent Member
John Westerman ’75

Professional Associations

Chaminade alumni of the same trades often gather for networking, socializing, lectures, and professional discussion. Presidents of these associations are listed here.

Law Enforcement
John Travaglia ’89

Real Estate
Timothy Pond ’09

Medical and Health Professionals

Andrew Ciancimino ’03

Vinoo Varghese ’90

Wall Street
John McDonald ’87

Long Island Businessmen
Robert Shannon ’92

Brian Frumberg ’01

Golf and Tennis Open

The Chaminade Golf and Tennis Open is the signature event of the year for the Alumni Association. Each year, hundreds of alumni reunite at several Long Island clubs to support their alma mater. The Open is typically held in late June. Information is always available by calling the Golf and Tennis open during regular school hours at (516) 742-5555 ext. 404.

Mr. William Basel ’58
Golf and Tennis Open Executive Director

Mr. Kevin Parente ’82
Golf and Tennis Open Assistant Director

David DeMilt ’89

Robert Salvatico ’90

Regional Chapters

Flyers have landed all across the country. Numerous chapters have been established where Chaminade alumni may enjoy events and camaraderie. Presidents of local chapters are listed below.

Jonathan Kuczmarski ’98
Patrick Zacchea ’79, Luke Kaplan ’98
Southeast Florida
Ronald Malanowski ’86

Northern California
Donald Schroeder ’63
Brett Dougherty ’88
Southwest Florida
Christopher Kuzler ’81

Southern California
John Lepre ’68
Greater Delaware Valley
Stephen Rupprecht ’88
Washington, D.C./Baltimore
Thomas Russo ’68

Reunions and Events

During the year, the Alumni Association sponsors events for alumni, athletic teams, and class reunions. Chairmen for these events are listed below.

Distinguished Alumnus Award Selection Committee
Michael Hodson ’00

Basketball Reunion
Dan Nawrocki ’03

Hockey Reunion
Keith Macias ‘89

Soccer Reunion
Domenic Cervoni ‘00

Annual Cocktail Party
Kristopher Kalibat ’07

Combined Reunions
Dan Salogub ’07

Kick-Off Reunion
Brian Giesecke ’07

Wrestling Reunion
Jose Prince ’91

Young Alumni Professional Event
Sean McGonigle ’07

Community Service Projects
James Mercadante ’79

Track Reunion
Dennis Almodovar ’85

Yearbook Barbecue
Stephen Gallagher ’07

Baseball Reunion
Mario Matulich ’00

Crew Reunion
John Geager ’06

Lacrosse Reunion
Regis McDermott ’05

Swimming Reunion
Don Turner ’82
Peter Boyle ’82

The Chaminade News

The Chaminade News is a publication for the Chaminade Family issued several times annually. It includes news, stories, photos, and notes for our current students, parents, alumni, alumni parents, and friends. Special issues are produced to highlight summer alumni events and graduation. Click on the cover image to browse the latest issue.

If you would like to receive a copy of the Chaminade News, or you're moving to a new location and would like to continue reading it, update your information or call the Development Office at (516) 742-5555 ext. 443.