Class of 1968

Thursday-Sunday, Oct. 11-14, 2018

Schedule of Events


  • Gold Star Mass, followed by brunch. Chaminade Activity-Athletic Center (AAC), 9:15 a.m.
  • Golf at the Wheatley Hills Golf Club (classmates only; no guests), 1 p.m., OR Tour at the Cradle of Aviation Museum, 2 p.m., OR Tour of Old Westbury Gardens, 2 p.m.
  • Cocktails and dinner at Copperhill Restaurant in Williston Park, 6 p.m.


  • Class visits, a special school update in Darby auditorium and luncheon in the auditorium lobby, exact a.m. start time TBA
  • Cocktails and dinner in the Chaminade AAC, 6 p.m. (the reunion’s main event)


  • Open house school tour, 1 p.m.
  • Cocktails and dinner at Wheatley Hills Golf Club in East Williston, 7 p.m., $100 per person


  • Mass in the Chaminade Chapel, 11:30 a.m.
  • Luncheon in the Chaminade Cafeteria, 12 p.m.
  • Varsity football game on Ott Field (Chaminade vs. Kellenberg), 1:30 p.m.

Class Gift Donors to Date

William Arzt, Robert Beagan, Edward Boyle, Wallace Christensen, John Collins, James Corrigan, Joseph Crescenzo, Richard DeMatteis, John Devine, Andrew Donohue, James Donovan, Richard Dowling, James Doyle, Thomas Duffy, Lawrence Elis, Daniel Gaffney, Leonard Gioia, Richard Guardino, James Heffernan, Gerard Hempstead, Edward Higgins, John Jansen, Stanley Jaworski, Scott Kallman, Richard Kearns, Gerard Kelly, Douglas Kurz, Gregory Leighton, John Lillis, Michael Lynch, Joseph Mackey, Philip Martone, Gerald McGovern, Thomas Meade, Kenneth Miele, Charles Mundhenk, John O'Meara, Thomas O'Neill, Robert Perret, James Quinn, James Reid, William Reidy, James Reilly, Donald Rogers, Thomas Russo, Stephen Ryan, Francis Sperl, Thomas Stock, Aristide Tessitore, Theodore Tomaszewski, Mark Wheeler, George Young, George Zimmermann

Attendees to Date

See which events your classmates are attending!

Thursday, October 11
Gold Star Mass - GS, Wheatley Hills golf - WHG, Cradle of Aviation - CA,
Old Westbury Gardens - OWG, Copperhill - COP

Friday, October 12
Class visits - CV, AAC dinner - AAC

Saturday, October 13
Tour - T, Wheatley Hills dinner - WHD

Sunday, October 15
Mass - MASS, Luncheon and football - LFB

William Arzt WHG COP CV | Robert Beagan CA COP CV AAC T WHD LFB | Ed Boyle AAC | Wally Christensen (Maureen) AAC T WHD MASS LFB | James Corrigan (Phyllis Bonelli) AAC | Joseph Crescenzo (Ann) AAC | John Devine AAC | Andrew Donohue (Patricia) GS WHG COP CV AAC T WHD MASS LFB | Jim Donovan (Linda) COP AAC T | Richard Dowling (Tara) AAC | James Doyle (Terri) WHG COP CV AAC T WHD | Thomas Duffy (Suzanne) AAC | Daniel Gaffney WHG COP AAC | Leonard Gioia (Carol) AAC | Jim Griffin WHG | Richard Guardino (Monica) GS COP AAC | Robert Guerrin (Peggy) GS WHG COP AAC | Jerry Hempstead (Debora) GS T MASS LFB | Stanley Jaworksi (Elyse) AAC T MASS | William Jelley GS AAC | John Jensen COP AAC | Scott Kallman (Hessie Harris) COP CV AAC T | Dick Kearns (Mo) GS WHG COP CV AAC T WHD MASS LFB | Gerard Kelly (Maureen) AAC | Lawrence Kraemer COP CV AAC T | Doug Kurz CV AAC T | Gregory Leighton (Suzanne) GS WHG COP AAC | John Lepre GS WHG COP CV AAC T WHD MASS LFB | Jack Lillis AAC MASS LFB | Mickey Lynch (Gloria) WHG COP CV T WHD | Joseph Mackey (Mary) WHG COP AAC WHD LFB | Philip Martone COP CV AAC T WHD LFB | Frank McDonough (Harriette) GS WHG COP CV AAC WHD LFB | John Meade CV AAC | Thomas Meade WHG COP AAC | Chris Melvin (Susan) WHG AAC | Kenneth Miele (Jill Brown) WHG COP CV AAC | John Moran (Janet) LFB | Charlie Mundhenk AAC | Dave O'Farrell (Sue Stephenson) GS OWG COP CV AAC T | John O'Meara (Peg Clark)  AAC T | Michael O'Neill (Sylvia) GS OWG COP AAC MASS LFB | John O'Shea (Eve Sisemore) CV AAC T LFB | Jim Pugh WHD LFB | James Quinn (Kathy) GS WHG COP CV AAC LFB | Walter Raubicheck GS COP AAC WHD LFB | James Reid (Klara) GS WHG COP CV AAC T WHD MASS LFB | William Reidy GS AAC WHD MASS LFB | James Reilly CV AAC T | Peter Riley (Karin Beecroft) AAC | Don Rogers (Andrea) AAC | Thomas Russo (Catherine) OWG COP CV AAC T WHD MASS LFB | Stephen Ryan WHG COP | Kevin Smith COP CV AAC T | Frank Sperl (Marie) OWG COP CV AAC WHD LFB | Thomas Stock CV | James Tantillo (Dohanie Sepulveda) CV AAC T WHD MASS LFB | Theodore Tomaszewski (Jo Ann) GS WHG CV AAC | George Young (Barbara) GS WHG COP CV AC T WHD LFB | George Zimmermann COP CV AAC T

Lost Class Members

If you have contact information for any of these classmates, please call the Chaminade Alumni Office at (516) 742-5555 ext. 420. Thank you.

James Freunscht, Kenneth Gleason, John Grady, Thomas Hudson, James Kenney, William McCormack, John Popp, William Roth, Gerald Segall, William Shulha, Thomas Sullivan, Thomas Sullivan, Andrew Warminski

Deceased Class Members

Please pray for:

Richard Brown, Thomas Burban, Thomas Cassens, Jeffrey Collins, Gary Comito, Richard DeVico, R. Lawrence Doran, Robert Faller, Thomas Gannon, Rory Gordon, Roger Grimm, Arthur Haven, Robert Holsky, Glenn Hughes, Richard Kroll, Michael Kustek, Donald Logan, Richard Lynch, James Marquardt, Kevin McDermott, Rory McHugh, David Miller, John Oppido, Joseph Poirot, Paul Puka, William Reich, James Reilly, Allen Rinkus, James Ryan, Stephen Shinkle, Ronald Stanko, Matthew Staszak, Warren Van der Waag, Kenneth Voelger, Michael Young