PowerSchool/Magnus Health Portal

Note that the Magnus Health Portal can only be accessed through PowerSchool. You must be logged in to PowerSchool in order to access Magnus. Additionally, if you already have an account with PowerSchool and need to add another son to your account, please skip to Step 6.

Important tips when creating a PowerSchool account:

  • You must create a new username and password to connect to Chaminade (with no spaces).
  • Do not use one you may have already from another school.
  • Please make sure you are going to the correct Chaminade web site.
  • Please follow the instructions step by step. You must use a computer, not a tablet or phone.
  • Do not copy and paste the WEB ID and password for your son; you must type it in.
  • The Access ID always starts with the letter G.
  • Please be cautious of typing lower case letters l (L) and the number one (1).
  • Please be cautious of typing in zeros and upper and lower case letters (O).
  • The pattern of the password is: number upper lower lower lower lower upper number.
  1. Go to PowerSchool Parent Access website, linked here.
  2. Click "Create Account."


  3. Fill in the Parent Account Details. Note that the desired username must NOT contain spaces.
  4. Fill in the "Link Students to Account" information using the Web Access ID and the Web Access Password assigned to your student. If you have more than one freshman student, please fill in for each one. When you are done, click the blue "Enter" button at the bottom of the form.



  5. Once you have created an account, you can now log in using your newly created username and password. You are now able to access PowerSchool.


  6. If you would like to add another son to your existing PowerSchool account, please follow these steps. Note that this can only be done with an existing Chaminade PowerSchool account. First, log in to PowerSchool and click on "Account Preferences" on the bottom left.


  7. Click on the "Students" tab.


  8. Click on the blue "Add" button on the right side of the screen.


  9. Fill in the "Student Access Information" and click "OK."


Once you have set up your PowerSchool account and have successfully logged, you can now access the Magnus Health Portal. In order to do this, please follow these steps only when logged into PowerSchool:

  1. Click on the white and blue arrow on the top right of the screen.


  2. Click on Magnus Health, and you will be redirected to the Magnus Front Desk. This should automatically log in to Magnus. If you have trouble connecting, please email powerschool@chaminade-hs.org.


  3. If you have trouble once logged into Magnus, click on "Need Help?" or contact support by phone at (877) 461-6831.

In the event that you are unable to access the portal, you may find the certificate of immunization form, health exam form, and medical permission request form here.