Gold Star Mass

The school community comes together once a year to celebrate the Gold Star Mass. The Mass is a time-honored tradition at Chaminade High School to commemorate and pay special honor to the 56 alumni who gave their lives in the service of our country. It began in 1945 to pray for the first alumni who were killed during World War II. The list of all Gold Star alumni is below:

Anthony Bedell ’43 
Hugh P. Biddick ’39 
Charles F. Bird ’40 
Robert J. Biss ’42 
Harold W. Borer ’35 
George A. Brast ’38 
Robert G. Bruswitz ’55 
James J. Cahill ’42 
Robert F. Carroll ’54 
Joseph M. Clarke ’33 
James P. Connolly ’56 
George H. Cridland ’39 
Frank J. Donnelly ’40 
James J. Donnelly ’44 

Paul J. Dour ’77 
John H. Doxey ’43
Paul A. Drucker ’59 
Edward A. Ednie ’47 
Guido Farinaro ’67 
John F. Felbinger ’55 
Patrick Foran ’61 
George J. Friedel ’43 
Herbert E. Frost ’55 
Martin T. Gill ’40 
Michael J. Haase ’41 
Frank C. Haggerty ’36 
John F. Hennessey ’40 
Stephen E. Karopczyc ’61

Charles M. Kearns ’38
Daniel B. Kelly ’35
William J. Killea ’63
Robert A. Kisch ’62
Frank R. Knox ’43
Walter J. Koslow ’37
William J. Lang ’42
Michael L. LiCalzi ’00
John H. Losh ’33
James B. Lynch ’60
John Q. Madigan ’40
Richard A. Marfurt ’64
John J. McDonald ’35
John W. Meehan ’43

Robert A. Meehan ’43
Lawrence P. Nash ’54
Vincent P. Nolan ’56
James J. Regan ’98
John J. Rielly ’41
Robert B. Schratwieser ’39
Timothy J. Shorten ’60
Joseph A. Terzi ’37
Edmund J. Torpey ’38
Marshall A. Van Wagner ’41
Franklin C. Wallace ’40
William A. Warner ’56
William F. Whelan ’38
Ronald D. Winchester ’97