Empowering Our Students, Endowing Our Future

One Family. One Mission.

Empowering Our Students, Endowing Our Future focuses everything we do back on our core mission to form young men through an exceptional, financially accessible Catholic education. This campaign moves that mission forward by funding two critical needs Chaminade faces today: the Science, Technology, and Research Center and the Torch endowment. The new tools and facilities in the Science, Technology, and Research Center will allow Chaminade to expand its science offerings and forge new partnerships with hospitals, corporations, and higher educational institutions. These enhancements will give our students the strongest possible foundation for collegiate science courses and the competitive STEM job market. Our endowment produces a steady stream of investment income to supplement the school’s operating budget and keep costs down. Gifts to this campaign fund both vital projects so that the endowment will continue to grow even as we raise funds for the new building.


More than 1,375 families have generously pledged their support.

Thank you!

$1 million challenge grant from Lou Gerstner ’59

Former CEO of IBM and Chaminade graduate Lou Gerstner has decided to issue a $1 million challenge grant to the Chaminade Family. If you have not yet given to the Empowering campaign, but do so by Saturday, March 31, Mr. Gerstner will match it dollar-for-dollar. To create an added incentive, if you make a three-year pledge to double your usual annual giving, he will double his match as well and contribute $2 for every $1 you give. If this is your first-ever gift or pledge to Chaminade, he'll match your contribution $2 for $1 also.

Donors to Date

30 Anonymous Donors

Dana and Jon Acquafredda ’91

Lisa Marie and Harold Adamo

Nick Adamo

Janet and Kenneth Adams ’72

Gregg Addeo ’91

Nicholas Agnone

Christina and Kieran Ahern ’91

Ron Ahern ’91

Theresa and Bob Ahlstrom ’81

Marjorie and Marc Alacqua

Brian Alas ’04

Kevin Alas ’07

Mary and Manny Alas

Judith and George Albertelli ’63

Matthew Alcide ’05

Michael Alcide '02

Terri and Mike Alessi ’92

Janine and Peter Alizio

Aljader and Mayser Aljader

John Allario ’81

Frances and Chris Allen '90

Melissa and Cliff Allen ’92

Ellen and Dennis Almodovar ’85

Diane and David Alonso

Maggie and Dennis Altman ’95

Theresa and Michael Ameres

Angela and Christopher Amico ’01

Carole and Frank Amico

Bob Anders ’07

Margaret and Karl Anderson

Carol and Louis Andre

John Aneser ’54

Mimi and Kenneth Aneser '84

Maureen and Richard Aneser ’85

Ken Annibale ’62

Maureen and Joseph Anselmo

Chris Anskat '97

Cecilia and John Antimisiaris

Gregory Antonsen ’79

Ann and Joseph Ares

Linda and Frank Argenziano

John Argenziano ’95

Patricia and Brian Armstrong ’86

Susan Parsons and Walter Armstrong ’69

Chris Arnone ’81

Tina and Larry Asaro ’84

Christine and Vinny Asaro ’86

Christine and Ralph Ascoli ’57

Bob Atkins

Gina and Gerald Augustin

Andrea and Mike Aversano ’98

Sharon and Rich Bach ’74

Joan and Bob Backofen

Mark Bader ’08

Ann and Andrew Baker ’84

Janet Baker

Jeanine and Alex Balko ’94

Madeleine and Alexander Balko

MaryJo and James Ball

Lawrence Bamberger ’05

Lynn and Lawrence Bamberger

Patricia Ann and Dan Barabino ’79

Mary and Bill Barklage ’49

Kimberley and Leo Barnes ’89

Brad Barnett '98

Sandra and Larry Baroletti

Lauren and Raymond Barrett

Patricia and Dennis Barry ’67

Erica and Charles Bartels ’00

Ruth and Robert Bartels

The Bartilucci Family

Christine and Ernie Bartol ’63

Claire and Bill Basel ’58

Maryanne and Tony Battista ’72

Michael Battista ’04

Betty and James Baxter ’58

Geoff Beauchamp ’69

Cristina and Michael Beauchamp

Stanis and Mike Beck ’60

Martha and Paul Becker

Donna and Bob Beckmann ’70

Linda and Jim Begley ’80

Sean Begley ’01

Asha and Matt Beh ’87

Sean Belfi ’00

Maywill and Andy Bell ’83

Rosemary and Frank Bell

Anna and Gary Bellesheim

Joe Bellesheim ’08

Matthew Bellesheim ’11

Francine and Chris Bellistri ’96

Sally and Don Bendernagel ’72

John Bennett ’63

Kathleen and John Berkery '85

Hope and John Bertrand ’89

Barbara Betsch

Finola and Joseph Bianco

Chris Bier ’03

Frank Biondo

Heather and Matthew Bischoff ’91

Noreen and John Bishar ’67

Kathleen and Brendan Black

Kathleen and Bruce Blanco

Vincent Boden ’84

Jack Boland ’69

Kay and Robert Bolz ’61

Annamaria and Michael Bonacorsa

Patrick Bonanno ’04

Angela and Matt Bonner ’89

Linda and Joseph Bonventre

Laura and Stephen Bonventre ’02

Lori Ann and Angelo Bonvino

Linda and Paul Borgwald ’75

Carmel and Dan Boruch

Jennifer and Michael Borut ’88

Julie Westerman Bostwick

Ann and Tim Bowe/Abco-Peerless

Dabney and Timothy Bowe ’06

Vincent Braccia ’87

Geoff Brady ’90

Marianne and Timothy Brady

Debra and Peter Braito

Tracy and Pat Brala ’85

Kim and Henry Brandt ’71

Chris and Jack Bransfield ’59

Hilmar Braun ’60

June and Ken Breglio

Jacqueline and Roy Breitenbach

Maria and Kenneth Breitenstein

Scott Brennan ’95

Jo-Ann and Thomas Brennan

Brennan Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Jack Breuer ’16

Elaine and Kenneth Breuer

Linda Briganti

Sara and Jack Broderick

Suzanne and Denis Brosnan

Lori and Colin Brown ’90

Ellen and Don Brown ’49

Arleen and Herb Brown

Neil Brown ’93

Anne and Scott Brown

Nora and Steve Brown ’83

Bill Brown ’60

Andrea and Joe Brucia ’63

Karen and Tom Brucia '78

Daniel Bruen ’07

Lisa and Robert Brunetti

Sharon and John Buckley

Carolyn and John Buechler ’64

Theresa and Gasper Buffa ’70

Stanley Burghardt ’55

Suzanne and Alexander Burke

Carmella Burke

Christine and Greg Burke

Catherine and Matt Burke ’83

Debbie and Paul Burns ’70

Jennifer and Steve Burr ’93

Anne Byrne

Margaret Byrne

Colleen and Charlie Caccavo

Christine and James Cahill

Barbara and Tom Cahill ’83

Myong and Gene Caiafa ’88

Gene and Myong Caiafa

Nora and Dan Calabrese ’89

Valerie and Peter Calabro ’94

Elaine and Frank Caliendo

Rosemary and Daniel Caligiuri

Jeanne and Paul Callahan ’72

Nicandro Calleo

Meg and John Callinan ’84

Lisa and Anthony Caluori

Alison and Matt Camardella ’89

Jacqueline and Gary Cameron

Mary Frances and Mike Campana ’66

Janice and Laurence Campbell

Matt Campolettano ’98

Brendan Candon ’06

Laurie and Rene Canezin ’86

Colleen and Dan Caniano ’76

Kara and Michael Cannon ’81

Helen and Nick Capece ’59

Ann Marie and David Capodanno

Bridget and Tony Caporrino ’92

Stefanie and Anthony Cappellino

Brendan Caputo ’12

Maryjean and George Caputo

Nicole and Nicholas Caputo ’99

Ann and Nunzio Cardone

Kathy and Mike Carey ’67

Valerie and Jim Carillo ’85

Katina and Brian Carlstrom

Philip Carman ’81

Jean and Bill Carney

Marie and Bill Carolan ’53

The Carriero Family

Linda and Jim Carroll ’80

Sandy and Joe Carroll ’91

Jackie and John Carway '60

Jen and Tim Casale ’00

Kathryn and Brian Casey '85

Sue and Dave Casey

Kit and Doug Casey ’62

Jacqueline and Jim Casey ’78

Jean and Tom Casey ’71

Vivian and James Casil

Maureen and Larry Cassar ’59

Eileen and George Cassidy ’56

Elizabeth and Scott Castellano ’74

Mary and Joe Castrigno ’57

Delia Patricia and Michael Castrogiovanni

Patricia and Matt Caulfield ’54

Alexandra and Peter Cavallaro ’07

Mary Ellen and Bill Cavanaugh ’73

Arleigh and Neil Caverley ’96

Joseph Cella ’82

Dan Cendan ’96

Jennifer and Kenneth Ceonzo

Mike Ceriello ’08

Denise and Robert Cerrone

Barbie and Domenic Cervoni ’00

Pasquale Cestaro ’07

Therese and Pat Cestaro

Mark Chalos ’91

Barbara and Doug Chapey

Owen Chapey '12

Mary and Herman Charbonneau

Andy Cherry ’98

Lindzie and Kevin Cherry ’94

Brenda and Peter Cherry

Jill and Stuart Chessman ’71

Delores and Steve Childs ’63

Keri and Anthony Chinappi/R&S Meat Market

Concetta and John Chirico ’83

Ines and Ernest Chisena

Pat and Chris Christiansen ’69

Eileen and Jim Christmas

Toni and Arthur Chu

Cherilyn and Lud Cibelli ’65

Andrea and Anthony Cilmi ’94

Joe Cimmino ’11

The Cimmino Family

Jake Cioffi ’17

The Cioffi Family

Nicholas Cioffi ’17

Rosemarie and Peter Ciorciari

Jennifer and Mike Cippoletti ’90

Colleen and C.B. Ciullo ’01

Roban and Pete Clagnaz ’69

Daphne and Joseph Clancy ’90

Kathleen Clancy

Maureen Clancy

Kristopher Clarke ’13

Danielle and Thomas Claro ’95

Lisa and Jim Cleary

Mai and John Cleary

Marguerite and Robert Cleary

Julie and Bill Cleary ’85

Linda and Bob Clickner ’62

Geri and Michael Clifford ’59

Dagma and Scott Clifford ’96

Katie and John Cochrane

Kelly and Joe Coffey ’83

Mary and Bob Cole ’74

Kathryn and Scott Cole '95

Kelly and Doug Collett ’78

Grace and Joe Collins ’49

Linda and Joe Collins ’67

Carla and Chris Concannon ’85

Michelle and Dean Condoleo

Susan and Edward Connors

Jamie and Mike Connors ’77

Lynn and Mike Convery ’72

Jack Conway ’06

Keith Conway ’10

Dee and Kevin Conway ’76 and Family

Matt Conway ’11

Ryan Conway ’08

Mary and Tom Conway ’78

John Cook/Cook & Krupa

Kim and Joseph Cooke '76

Anne and Terence Cooke

Catherine and Terence Cooke ’93

Pauline and Hank Cooper ’50

Lisa and Robert Coors

Mary Elizabeth and Louis Copertino

Anne and Fred Coppersmith

Coral Cast, LLC

Allyson and David Corchado

Connie Corcoran

Aileen and James Corcoran

Anne and Chris Cornetta ’80

Luke Cornetta ’13

Carol and Mark Correa

Phyllis and Jim Corrigan ’68

Robyn and Michael Corsello ’75

Christine and Stephen Corwen

Francine and Gil Cosenza

Christine and John Cosgrove ’03

Patricia and John Cosgrove

Chris Costigan ’98

Eileen and Patrick Costigan ’82

Lucy and Tom Costigan ’76

Cynthia and John Cox

Mary and Michael Coyne

Ruth and Scott Coyne ’65

Larry Crafa ’88

Joanne and Dick Craig ’64

Brian Craine ’97

Sybil and Steve Cramer ’69

Carol and John Crean ’78

Elena and Kevin Creeron

Robyn Butler Crennan

Maureen and Dan Crimmins ’81

Julia and Tom Crimmins ’88

Judith and Brad Cronin

Danielle and John Crowley ’94

Nancy and Gerry Cruse ’81

Margaret and Bill Crusey ’61

Brigitte and Dan Cullem ’62

Suzanne and Paul Cullen

Susan Cullen

Moira and Christopher Cullinan

Chris Cunniffe ’89

Mary and Michael Cunningham

Carol and Pasquale Cuomo

Joseph Curry ’85

Mary Ellen and Pat Curtin

Rita and Dominic Cusimano

Sara and Robert Cusimano ’95

Patricia and Anthony Cusumano

Carol and Neal Cutrone

Julia and Peter Dagher ’06

Suzanne and Glenn D’Agnes

Kimberly and Keith D’Agostino ’93

Nancy and Michael D’Agostino

Ann and Jim d’Alessandro ’81

Al D’Amato ’55

Kelly and Ralph D’Ambrosio

Sally and Joe D’Angelo ’85

Margaret and Peter D’Angelo

Dee and Peter Danna ’85

Lisa and Armondo D’Arduini

Bill Datz '71

Patricia and Edward Daubel

Diana Mark Davis

Erin and Ralph DeBiasi ’00

Janet and Joel DeAngelis ’57

Lynne and Chris Dearborn ’87

Mary Anne and Bill DeBruin ’55

Laetitia and Justin DeCamp ’92

Tina and Tim Deignan ’77

Thomas de la Bastide

Sheri and David Delaney ’00

Kim and Tim Delaney ’95

Dana and Frank DeLeo

Audrey and Chris Delfoe ’97

Mary Jean and Ed Delfoe ’58

Bob Delfoe ’61

Lorelle and Al D’Elia

Paul D’Elia ’03

Steve D’Elia ’97

Elizabeth and Adam Delligatti ’94

Mary and Angelo Delligatti

Jill and Robert Dell’Unto

Olga and Bob DeLuca ’60

Carmela DeMarco

Stephen DeMartin ’01

Manuel DeMatos '16

Maria and Manuel DeMatos, Jr. '86

Lynn and Rich DeMatteis ’68

The Dematteis Family Foundation

Janine and Dave DeMilt ’89

Mary Ann and Robert Demmett

Rob Demmett ’10

James DeNicola '95

Deirdre and Donald Denihan

Valerie and Vinny DeOrchis ’98

JoAnn and Anthony DePasquale

Laura and Vinnie D’Eramo ’97

Debra and Neil DeRupo '82

Dianne and Anthony DeSano ’86

Lorraine Desarlo

Lou DeSena ’87

Nicholas DeSimone ’12

Jodelle and John Devaney ’88

Deborah and Richard DeVerna ’82

Hallie and Henry Devlin ’56

Philip Devlin ’62

Nancy and Andrew DeWitt

Kathleen and Michael DiDonato

Meredith and George Dies ’69

Christina and Robert DiGregorio

Alexandra and James DiLiberto ’96

Marybeth and Jim DiLiberto ’71

Eileen and John Dillon ’54

Tom Dillon ’92

Dee and Vic Dillon ’54

Donna and Al Dimino ’71

Miriam and Michael DiOrio ’95

Dave DiPietro ’99

Kathy and Scott DiPino ’94

Suezette and Ric DiSpigna ’69

Linda and Nicholas Divaris

Susan and George Dlugolonski

Deborah and William Doherty ’94

Margaret and Ed Dolan ’71

Ginny and Larry Dolan ’67

Annmarie and Vincent Dolce

Mike Dolce ’99

Janice and Jim Dollard ’78

Noreen and Alex Domanico ’75

Joan and Robert Dombrowski

Janice and Gerry Donaghy ’98

Gerry and Brian Donaldson ’67

Josie and Christopher Donnelly ’95

Corey Donnelly

Mike Donnino ’89

Frances and Ralph Donofri

Connie and David Donohoe ’55

Pat and Andy Donohue ’68

Toni and John Donohue ’77

Kathleen and Rob Donovan ’70

Alicia and Robert Doodian

Sonja Vanek and Kenneth Doody

Janet and Peter Doran '60

Jacquelyn and Hermann Doss

Dana and Patrick Dougherty

Kathleen and Thomas Douglas

Victoria and Robert Dowling ’48

Charlie Doyle ’41

Ashley and Patrick Doyle ’87

Ann and William Doyle

Mary Lynn and Bill Doyle ’81

Jeanine and Daniel Driscoll

Steve Driscoll ’70

Paula and Bob Drzewicki ’78

Nancy and Tom Dufek

Mary Ellen and Jim Duffy

JoAnne and Matthew Duffy

Denise and Richard Duffy

Jessica and Sean Duffy ’85

Linda and Peter Dunn ’83

Jake Dunne ’00

Patricia and Jim Dunphy ’03

Geraldine and Michael Dunphy

Anne Dupuy

Marie and Chris Durnan ’83

Carolyn and Matt Durnan ’88

Anne and Paul Durnan ’94

Roxanne and TJ Durnan ’96

Cari and David D’Urso ’88

Alexander Duschere ’82

Anne and John Dussel ’72

Maureen and Don Earl ’81

Sarah and Tony Earley ’67

Ann and Chris Ebe ’95

Kathleen and Martin Eberhardt ’55

ECT Test Preparation, Inc.

Lynn and Douglas Egan

Mary and Greg Eichhorn ’85

Jo Ann and Frank Eisinger

Cathleen and Bill Ellsworth ’82

Joan and Don Endonino ’62

Ann and Paul Engelhart

Loreen and William Entenmann

Anthi and Antonio Eretzian

Sarah and Chris Erikson ’02

Peggy and Stephen Ernst

Elaine and John Eschmann ’56

Mary Anne and Paul Famighetti ’67

Christine and John Farrell ’86

Mary and Ken Fasano

Bill Faverzani ’88

Cheryl and John Fawls ’74

Christine and Kevin Fee ’67/Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co.

Fee Foundation, Inc.

Terry Feeney

Jeanne Fell

Carolyn and Edward Feltham

Ryan Feltham '08

Linda and Dennis Fenton ’69

Lourdes and James Fenton

Michele and Ken Ferguson ’73

Joanne Ferraioli

Lorraine and Joe Ferrall ’65

Alison and Jeffrey Ferrara

Joseph Ferrick

Megan and Joe Ferrick ’85

Theresa and Carmine Festa

Christine and Don Fetzer ’67

Tim Fidgeon ’62

Anne Marie and Chris Fidis

William Fidler

Dorothy and Ray Fiedler ’52

Susan and Ed Finegan ’61

Jessica and Brian Finn ’95

Nick Fischer ’06

Madeline and Mario Fischetti

Christopher Fisher ’07

Susan and David Fisher ’00

Wanda and Dick Fisher ’60

Concetta and Bob Fitton ’88

Laura and Edward Fitzgerald

Lisa and Edward FitzGerald

Alicia and Peter Fitzgerald

Michael Fitzpatrick ’84

Gaillee and Neil Fitzpatrick ’91

Michele and Robert Fitzsimmons

Kathleen and Ed Flaherty

Ian Flaherty ’04

Christine and John Flatley

Christopher Flatz ’00

Stephen Fleming ’91

Maria and Bill Florence ’61

Gail Flugel

Ragan and Dara Folan ’76

Barbara and Don Foley ’69

Tim Foley ’73

Pat and John Ford

Lindsy and Chris Foresto ’94

Paula and Dom Foresto

Stephanie and Charles Fountaine ’01

Theresa and Gene Francolini ’48

Gita and Larry Frankini

Karen and Dan Franks ’87

Doreen and Robert Frawley

Robert Frawley ’06

Vanessa and Pat Freaney ’94

Gina and Richard Freda

Feeney Family Fund

Deb and Gary Friedman

Howard Fritz ’74

Carolyn and Larry Froehlich ’64

James Fronda '03

Tim Fronda ’99

Cherie and Matthew Fuentes '00

Katherine and Christopher Fuschillo ’93

Lynn and John Fuschillo ’75

Paula and Robert Gagliardi

Sandra and Ed Gales ’63

Elizabeth and Raymond Gallagher

Kendall and Timothy Gallagher

Ann and Paul Gallo ’61

Mike Gamber ’09

Laurene and John Gandolfo ’67

Lisa and Ramon Garcia

Roseann and Frank Garibaldi

Ann Garnett

Peter Garry ’60

Eileen and Thomas Garry

Susan and John Garzone

Marie and Matthew Gaven ’90

Raquel and Jim Gavilan ’93

Jennifer and Thomas Gayron

Erin and Richard Gearns ’88

Sarah and Richard Gearns

Ann and John Gennaro ’72

Anne and Bruce Genovese ’62

Debra and Bob Gerner

Vincent Gerosa ’90

Marilou and Steven Giammona

Adam Giardina ’03

Lucille Giardina

Marie and Chris Gibbons ’69/Forerunner Technologies

Maureen and Michael Gibbons

Brendan Gibson ’06

Matthew Gidicsin ’01

Rita and Evandro Gigante ’96

Maura and Hank Gillen ’74

Carlin and Paul Gillen ’90

Ann-Margaret and Peter Gillen ’93

Jeanne and John Gillon

John Gillon ’85

Diana and Thomas Ginnane

Ruth and Frank Giordano ’59

Mark Giugliano ’02

Kathy and Jim Glenister

Eileen and Charles Goggins

Marilyn and Drew Going

Annmarie and Bill Golden ’83

Lydia and Henry Gole ’52

Christopher Golon ’08

Marianne and Brian Grady ’73

Sharon and Larry Grassini ’63

Grassini Charitable Foundation

Kevin Gray ’07

Nicole and Michael Graziano

Joyce and Fred Greene ’54

Frances and Jim Greiner

Joan and Chuck Grennan ’53

Mark Grgas ’01

Marilyn and Brian Griffin ’61

Barbara and Joseph Grignoli

Geraldine and Argante Grippa

Anne and Al Groh ’62

Joseph Guida ’13

Clifford Gunthel ’77

Anne and Mark Hadlock

Jane and Kevin Haff

Regina and Joseph Haffey

Sara and Edward Hajduk

Vickie and Robert Haller ’72

John Halleran

Marion and George Halvatzis

Danielle and Mark Hamer

Keith Hanko

Christine Hanley

Tracey and Chris Hanley ’80

Jennifer and John Hanley

Kathleen and Tom Hanley ’77

Margaret and Patrick Hanratty

Chris and Bob Harper ’67

Robert Harper ’00

Stephen Harper '03

John Harris ’72

Bernadette and James Harrison

Mike Harrison ’97

Bill Harrison ’99

Chris Hartstein ’06

Ellen and John Hashagen ’63

Kim and Brian Hassan ’82

Danuta and William Hassett

Christine and Chris Haunss ’00

Chris and Buddy Haunss

Breanna and Brian Hayes ’99

Greg Hayes ’01

Peggy and Mike Hayes

Terry and Bill Hazelton

Marilyn and John Healey

Annette and Bill Hebel

Staci and Bill Hebel ’91

Kathryn and Jim Heffernan ’68

Joyce and Alan Hein

Tom Heinz ’65

Ed Heiskell

The Hennessy Family

John Henson '78

John M. Henson

Marilyn and Jim Herschlein ’79

Sheila and Matthew Heslin

Janet and Rick Hess '74

Donald and Colleen Hickey

Colleen and Don Hickey

Anne and John Hickey

Penny and John Hickey ’58

Elizabeth Hicks

Ed Higgins ’68

Sharon Hill

Connor Hillery ’12

Barbara and Peter Himler

Limi and Kenneth Hirsch

Katie and Pat Hoey ’01

Liz and Thomas Hogan ’95

The Honan Family

John Honerkamp ’93

Dick Hopkins '54

Sean Hopkins ’03

Josephine Lawrence Hopkins Foundation

Janet and Rich Hoppenhauer ’92

Betty and Daniel Horan ’86

Marianne and Joe Horan

Carol and Ken Horn ’58

Edna and Walter Hornberger

Barry Horne ’93

Mary and Jim Houlihan ’69

Jennifer and Bill Howe ’91

Alessandra and John Hubbell ’86

Laura and Brian Hull ’77

David Hume ’65

Rosemary and Paul Hundt ’56

Mary Jean and Bill Hundt

Gayle and Anthony Iandoli ’85

Michael Iannuzzi ’00

Karen and Joseph Iaquinto

Diane and Peter Ignall

Anne and John Imbornoni

Louis Imbroto ’02

Mary Lou and Bill Indelicato ’57

Ken Irvine ’59

Kerry and James Jackson

Paula and Albert Jaegers

Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab, PC

Arthur James ’65

Lynn and Edward Jamie

James Janowski ’04

Ellen and John Janowski

J. P. Janowski ’99

Mary Frances and John Jeffrey

Catherine and Tom Jessop ’84

Ann and Paul Johnke

Jean and James Johns

Adela and Frank Johnson

Christopher Jonas ’03

Kathryn Jordan

Barbara and Bob Jordan '78

Nan and Donald Jost ’45

Evelina and Stephen Juengst '82

Lore and Albert Juergens ’49

Monica and Olivier Juguet

Sarah and John Jurgensen ’90

Andrea and John Kabacinski ’90

Celeste and Steven Kaden

Jan and Ed Kane '77

Zung Le and Kevin Kane ’72

Joanne and Pat Kane ’72

Kay and Paul Kantz ’59

Barbara and Phil Kantz ’61

Carol and Paul Kaplun ’74

Diane and William Karl

Carole and Peter Karle ’83

Diane and Frank Karpowicz

Connor Kasny ’07

Alice and Bob Kaufmann ’58

Mo and Dick Kearns ’68

Kristine and Frank Keating ’77

Jim Keefe ’96

Elma and Sean Keely ’89

Yolanda and Vincent Kelleher

Marie and Charley Kellermann ’64

Jeanette and Jim Kelly ’61

Clare and John Kelly ’57

Erin and John Kelly

Patricia and John Kelly

Kevin Kelly ’09

Carla and Mike Kelly ’86

Kristin and Mike Kelly ’88

Tim Kelly ’99

Daniel Kelsh ’95

Jane and Brian Kemp

Rebecca and Patrick Kempton ’91

Christopher and Deborah Kendric

Jacquelyn and Joseph Kenney

Jennifer and John Kenny ’93

Karen and John Kerge

Sean Kerley ’03

Heather and Dan Kerning ’81

Caryn and Gregory Kerwick

George Keverian

Joan and Tom Kiely ’78

Jean and Sean Kilduff ’88

Noreen and John Kilgallon ’67

Marylou and Lawrence King

Denise and Bob King ’55

Melissa and Jim Kinnally ’67

Eileen Kinsella

John Kinsella ’50

Randy and Timothy Kinsley

Kara and Kevin Kitt ’05

Michele and Chris Klampfer ’93

Karina and Kevin Klein

Michael Klein ’16

Irene and Peter Klein/Claire Friedlander Family Foundation

Jackie and Dick Klimkowski

Patricia and George Knapp

Joshua Knapp ’88

Terry and Joe Kneuer ’54

Knights of Columbus - Fr. Joseph O'Connell Council #3481

Stephanie and Michael Knowles

Karen and Mike Kolligs ’79

Elizabeth and Walter Kolligs

Dave Korb ’67

Ann and William Korchak

Donna and Robert Kosina

Luke Koskovolis ’12

Patricia and Jim Kramer ’52

Paul Kraus

Karine and Tim Krawetz ’82

Sohee and Ted Krebsbach ’71

Linda and Ronald Krisch

Lynn and George Krug

The Krummenacker Family

Dolores and John Kubinski ’46

Kuczmarski Family

Erin and John Kurkjian

Janine and Timothy Kuroda

Fran and Frank Kurre ’81

Katherine and Brian Kusterer ’98

Cecilia and Jonathan Kuttin

Rosemary and Chris Kuzler ’81

Delilah Kwong

Elizabeth and Paul Labanowski ’70

Gerard Lagasse

Danielle and Paul Lagonigro ’97

Linda and Tony LaMarca ’86

Jean and Douglas Lambert

Mary and Luke Lambert ’93

Susan and Phil Landolphi ’84

Kathy and Tony Lang ’58

Janine and John Lapertosa ’97

Rob LaPolla ’04

Marisa and Paul Largo ’91

Sharon and John Larkin ’61

Jennifer and Gregg Larson ’90

Caroline and Chris Latham ’69

MaryLou and Kevin Laurie

Eileen and Tony LaVerde ’69

Carol and Art Lavis ’57

Mary Beth and Robert Lawkins ’82

Judith and Mike Lawless ’66

Alaine and Jeffrey Lawlor

Jennifer and Marc Lederman ’89

Steve Lee ’93

Norma and George Lehan

Steve Lenz ’71

Janet Levchuck

Carol and Greg LiCalzi ’70

Rita and Luke LiCalzi ’67

Vicki and Rudy Licandro ’72

Katherine and Richard Licari ’72

Mary and Gregory Liegey

Elizabeth and John Liegey '81

Megan and Pete Lindner ’99

Tracey and Matt Lindon ’75

Kay and Tim Lindsay ’93

Alexandra and Frank Lisboa

Frank Lisboa ’12

Alice M. Locke

Emily and Jim Locke ’93

Christopher LoGrippo ’12

Betty and Ralph Lombardi '61

Dawn and Raymond Lomelo

Denise and David Long ’02

Beth and Pat Long ’67

Jennifer and Ronald LoPinto

Laura and Kevin Lorentsen ’78

Patricia and William Lorusso

Kathy and Patrick Lough

Connor Loughlin ’04

Chris and Kevin Loughlin ’67

Ann Loverro

Carmen and Michael Lovio

Lisa and Michael Lucchesi ’02

Francine and Frank Luisi

Alica and Patrick Lulley

Mary and Kevin Lydon ’88
Kristina and Chris Lynch '82

Dennis Lynch ’59

James Lynch ’03

Deborah and Kevin Lynch

Colleen and William Lynch

Kathleen and Jack Lyons

Matt Lyons ’94

Diana and Francis Macchio ’95

Cristina and Dominic Macedo ’83

Diane and John MacEwen

Victoria and Keith Macias ’89

Mary and Joe Mackey ’68

Tom Magaldi ’02

Rosemary and John Maher

Ashley and Kevin Maher ’00

Jean and Mike Maher ’63

Brian Mahon ’82

Mary Jo and Kevin Mahoney ’63

John Maiale ’01

Art Maisano ’94

Michele and Edward Major

Joan and Michael Malloy

Judy and Walter Malloy

Carol and Bill Maloney ’55

Cathy and Paul Maloy ’64

Chris and Matt Mancuso ’65

Christina and Christopher Manettas

Charles Maniego ’11

Angelica and Wilbert Maniego

Lisa and Joe Maniscalco ’88

Richard Mann ’65

Shaun Manning ’96

Michelle and Anthony Mannion

Mame and Chuck Mansfield ’62

Tom Mansfield ’07

Carol Ann and Frank Manzella '86

Joan and Frank Manzella

Maryanne and Frank Marchese

James Marchetta ’14

Josephine and Rocco Marini

Daniel Markus ’03

Ellen Marlin

Sara and Tim Marlin ’93

Renee and Tony Marlon ’59

Renee and Eugene Marquardt '88

Joseph Marrin ’03

Jessica and Jon Marron '98

John Marshall ’78

Virginia and Thomas Martello

Christine and John Martin

Kevin Martinez ’16

Laura and John Martinkat

Meghan and Joe Mastrocovi ’99

Chase Matesich ’14

The Matesich Family

Charles Mathes ’04

Peggy and Jim Mattera ’67

Denise and Michael Mattone

Randi and Mario Matulich ’00

Mary Ann and Vince Maus ’65

Lisa and Lane Maxson

Ted May ’67

Nancy and Pat McAward ’75

Maureen and Terence McBreen

Jeanne and Michael McBride

Katie McBride Foundation

Tricia and Chip McCabe ’86

George McCabe ’62

Kathleen and Kevin McCabe ’60

Stacy and Kenneth McCann ’91

Christian McCarren ’15

Pat and Ed McCarrick ’67

Maria and Daniel McCarthy

Patricia and David McCarthy ’62

Kelley and Edward McCarthy ’91

Regina and John McCarthy ’93

Mary and Justin McCarthy ’97

Irena and Mike McCarthy ’82

Mary Jean and Bob McCarthy ’79

John McCartney ’82

Roya and John McCloskey ’69

Alison and Patrick McCluskey ’95

Nora and Joseph McCormack

Donna and Bill McCoy ’77

Donna and Ed McCoyd ’61

Ronda and Kevin McCullagh ’62

Eileen and Sean McDermott

Vincent McDermott ’56

Catherine and Brian McDonald ’90

Lori and John McDonald ’87

Kathy and John McDonnell ’77

Ann and Michael McDonough

Dorothy and Jim McErlean ’67

Robyn and Charles McGill

Geraldine and Peter McGivney ’71

Ed McGloine ’75

Anne Marie and Michael McGoldrick

Phyllis and Sean McGonigle

Marion and Jerry McGovern ’68

Lois and Andrew McGowan ’50

Pete McGowan ’57

Ryan McGowan ’90

Patricia and Chris McGrath ’83

Cynthia and Daniel McGroarty ’64

Donna and Skip McGrory

Linda and Michael McGuire

Whitney and Terry McGuire ’96

Nikki and Gerard McGuirk ’59

Karen and Brian McKenna ’63

Jill and Chris McKenna ’82

Kristin and Jack McKenna ’99

Maria and John McKenna ’72

Patricia and Daniel McLaughlin

Irene and Bill McLaughlin ’80

Ellen and Jim McLees ’72

Marie and Hank McMahon

Linda and John McMahon

Donna and Brian McManus ’89

Amy and Chris McManus ’84

Michelle and Tim McManus ’86

Kim and Ed McNamara ’77

Dan McNeely ’80

Veronica and Thomas McNicholas ’88

Ed McNulty ’97

Barbara and Ray McRory

Joanne and Russ McRory ’85

Matt McSherry ’04

Carolyn and Jim McTiernan ’76

Joseph Meares '06

Richard Meares '09

Tracy and Mike Meehan ’90

Steve Melley

Tony Melosci ’60

Patty and Charlie Menges

Zach Mercadante ’04

John Meyers ’56

Patricia and Pete Meyers ’87

Silva and Robert Michel

Nancy and Tom Mierswa ’75

Edith and Barry Miller ’75

Edward "Brad" Miller ’51

Jennifer and Robert Miller ’88

Melissa and Todd Miller

Janet and Louis Milo

Dolores and Jim Minardi ’69

Andrew Minarik ’11

Robert and Maureen Minion

Laura and Matthew Minogue ’88

Adi and Jim Miranda ’96

Nina and Christopher Miro

Kimberly and Matthew Mohan ’95

Dawn and Tony Molinari ’78

Bill Molinari ’78

Nicole and Thomas Polaski

Rachel and David Mollon

George Monahan ’46

Simone and Richard Monahan ’59

Regina and Louis Mongonia

David Montegari ’01

Pauline and David Montegari

Tracey and Andy Monteleone ’91

Tom Montemarano ’65

Brendan Mooney ’98

Robert Moore

Tara and Chris Moran ’85

Kathryne and Jack Moran

Claudia and Marty Moran ’73

Mary Kate and James Moriarty ’87

Gregory Morin ’01

Louis and Alexis Morledge

Alexis and Louis Morledge

Clare Morosoff

Allison and Christopher Morris

Joseph Morris '04

Suzanne and Don Morrison ’73

The Morrissey Family

Rita and Brendan Morrow ’94

Nicole and Andris Morton

Sheila and Rich Mulcahy ’91

Mary Jane and Michael Mulhern

Ray Mullman ’54

Kathleen and Charles Mundhenk ’68

Brooke and Robert Munfa

Patricia and Kevin Munnelly

Eileen and Chris Murphy ’91

Michele and Daniel Murphy

Bonnie and Ed Murphy ’67

Beth and Greg Murphy ’95

Susan and John Murphy ’60

Roseanne and Michael Murphy

Sally T. Murphy

Celeste and William Murphy ’79

Laurie and John Murray

Allen E. & Patricia M. Murray Foundation

Anthony Nania ’10

Donna and Richard Napolitano ’84

Elizabeth and Mark Nardone

Marie and Robert Naro ’58

Danielle and Christian Naus ’95

Chris Neamonitis ’01

Jack Neamonitis ’98

Robert Nelson ’94

Danielle and Charles Nerko ’02

Amber and Phil Nestico ’94

Adrienne and Walter Neufeld ’69

Melanie and Jim New ’83

Jinny and Jim Newman

Shirley and Paul Neylon ’65

Christina and Sandy Nicolia/Elm Transit Mix

Mike Nigro ’00

Carol and Jonathan Niles

Tami Noel

Kathleen and Brian Noonan ’86

Jennifer and Andrew Nowak ’91

Mary and Gus Nuzzolese ’76

Kathleen and Dennis O’Brien

Maureen and Jim O’Brien ’62

John O’Brien ’99

Tricia and Michael O’Brien ’88

Jill and Morgan O’Brien ’97

Margaret and Bob O’Brien ’79

Thomas O’Brien ’95

Brendan O’Callaghan ’13

Geoff O’Connell ’01

Margaret and Lawrence O’Connell

Marcy and Art O’Connor ’54

Diane and Phil O’Donnell

Elena and Roger O’Donnell ’87

Christine and Michael O'Grady '89

Marty O’Hagan ’64

Harriet and Richard O’Halloran ’66

Ellen and Michael O’Hare

Pat and Dave O’Hearne ’54

Mary and Kevin O'Keefe

Katie and Robert O’Keefe ’04

George Olvany '15

Mary Patricia and George Olvany

Patty and Edward O’Malley ’78

Sean O’Malley ’07

Anne and Mike O’Moore ’72

Pam and Tom O’Neil ’64

Alicia and Chuck O’Neill ’95

Dianne and Tom O’Neill ’68

Kathleen and Bill O’Neill

Carol and Jim O’Reilly ’65

Frances O’Riordan

Merry and Skip Orr ’61

Laura and Graham Otton ’05

Nadine and David Pace '88

Chris Pacher ’88

Christopher Padilla ’02

Diana and Henry Padilla

Nancy and John Paganucci

Alison and David Palmer

Erin and Tony Panarelli ’96

John Papa ’06

Allison and Dean Pappas

Chris Paradise ’89

Bonnie and Kevin Parente ’82

Edward Parisi '10

Greg Parmiter ’96

Kevin Pash ’12

Marcia and John Paternoster ’58

Kristen and Anthony Patten ’87

Christine and Edward Pawlowski

Marino Pawlowski ’10

Kelly and James Pecora

Gary Pepitone ’98

Maggie and Edward Perks ’88

Anthony Perrotti ’90

Rita and Richard Pesci

Coleen and Peter Petersen

Brenda and Ken Petrillo

Joey Petrone ’08

Mary Beth and Michael Petsky

Rosemary and Michael Pettei

Jeanne and Filippo Petti ’94

Victoria and Vincent Pfalzer

Liz and Jim Pfohl ’49

Chikee and Bob Phillips ’62

Ewai and Kyle Piechucki

Regina and Robert Pisacani

Dean Pitz ’81

Paul Plate ’67

Marie and John Plumb ’63

Marietta and Roger Podesta

Richard Podpirka ’12

Daniel Pojero ’10

Mary and Thomas Pojero

Thomas Pojero ’07

Jean and Peter Polchinski

Mary Ann and Mike Polcino ’69

Amy and Joe Pollaci ’99

Shari and James Poppe

Elena and Bill Powers ’67

Kathy and Ed Pramberger

Michael Pratt ’08

Cheryl and Greg Preziosi ’78

Vickie and Tom Price ’69

Andrew Prisco '98

Donna and Steve Probert ’67

Kristin and Sam Provisero ’92

Mary and Sam Pugliese

Kathleen and Robert Puglisi

Stephen Puntillo ’08

Joan and Pat Purcell ’49

Sean Quigley ’01

John Quinterno ’94

Stephen Raab ’02

Kami and Timothy Radin

Robert Raffaele ’11

Kathryn and Michael Rafferty ’87

Margaret and Andrew Rainone

Maryann and Steven Rainone

Kathy and Tony Ramienski ’72

Kristen and Bob Raskopf ’69

John Reali ’11

Lisa and Peter Reali

Diane and Charlie Reardon ’75

Lorraine Reardon

Maureen and John Reedy

Janet and Kenneth Regan ’78

Scott Regan ’13

The Regazzi Family

Brendan Reich ’06

James Reilly ’00

Mary Jane and Robert Reilly

George Reis ’56

Mary Carroll and Tom Reiser ’96

Joe Renda ’09

Carolyn and Robert Renda ’05

Nancy and Robert Renda ’82

Mary and Tom Renker ’76

Jaque and John Repke ’70

Meghan and Matt Reynolds ’97

Dylan Richardson ’19

Nicholas Richardson ’18

Mary and John Rieger

Stephen Ries ’03

Kathie and Ron Riescher ’59

Pamela and John Paul Rincon ’93

Alice and Jim Riordan ’67

Marcia and Val Riordan ’63

Amelia and Michael Risso

Judith and John Ritz ’70

Maura and William Roberti

Mary and Luis Rodriguez

Pam and John Rogan ’91

Linda and Bryan Rogers

Kate and Richard Rogers ’96

Karen and Christopher Rohrecker

Briseida and Pedro Rojas-Sanchez

Jeanne and Lou Rolfes ’71

Jean and Tom Rollauer ’65

Joanne and Ed Ronan

Patti Ann and Mike Ronan ’91

Meg and Kevin Rooney ’66

Lisa and Bob Rooney ’75

Carol and John Roscoe

Barbara Ross

Evi and Hugh Ross ’54

Virginia and Louis Ross

Alex Rowley ’97

RSM Electron Power, Inc

Kristin and Jim Rudolph ’99

Lauren and Ray Rudolph ’85

Heather and Tony Rugel ’57

Jacqueline and Jim Rugolo ’84

Donna and Robert Ruland

Sharon and Stephen Rupprecht ’88

Frank Russo

Maureen and Frank Russo ’89

Cathy and Tom Russo ’68

Kay and Chuck Ryan ’48

Kathleen and Kevin Ryan ’69

Linda and Michael Ryan

Mary Jane and Steve Ryan ’68

Christine and Tom Ryan ’86

Thomas and Lubomira Rydl

Bob Rynkar ’62

Helene and George Sacco ’69

Anne and Richard Safrath

Margaret and Reid Sakowich

Elizabeth and James Sallusto

Shiela and Chris Salogub ’94

Michelle and Michael Salogub

Suzanne and Tom Salogub ’04

Nancy and George Salter

Laurie and Daniel Salvatore

Maureen and Kevin Sampson ’73

Kim and Roger Sampson

Tiffany and Juan Sandoval

Patricia and James Santelli

Ronald Santopadre ’97

Rosanna and Vito Santoro

Luisa and Tony Santos ’94

Tony Santulin ’94

Joe Sarnowski ’59

Phyllis and William Sauer ’81

Christine and Bartolo Sausa

Giuseppina Sausa

Tara and Christopher Sauvigne

Nancy and Louis Savarie ’52

Carey and Brett Savio ’96

Julie and Bob Sawyer ’58

Eliana and Paul Saxton ’66

Marie T. Scanlon Revocable Trust

Siobhan and Christopher Scaring

Lynn and James Scarpati

Dylan Scarpato ’11

Barbara and Otto Schaefer

Mary Ann and Paul Schimmenti ’67

Evan Schlameuss ’13

Diane and Ronald Schlameuss

Gail and Robert Schmidt

Alejandra and Gerhard Schmitt

Sylvia and Jack Schmitt ’74

Stephanie and John Schneider ’03

Lynn and Steve Schneider ’75

Carolyn and Tom Schreck

Bob Schueler ’67

Patricia Schweitzer

Tom Scida ’03

Joseph Scolaro ’06

Marian and Patrick Scotti

Barbara and Joe Seelinger ’55

Kathleen and Bernard Seibert

Carole and Bill Sellerberg ’62

Michael Sena ’08

Karen and Colin Serkes

Marita and James Serkes ’88

Sue and Kevin Sessa ’71

James Severin ’02

Madeleine Sewell

Lauren and Bob Shannon ’92

Steven Shaw '01

Maria and Tim Shaw ’90

Maita and Bill Shaw

Tara and Billy Shaw ’88

Patricia and Brian Shea

Sallyanne and Jack Shea ’73

Margaret and Darren Sheehan ’92

Dianne and John Sheehan

Anne-Marie and Kevin Shelley ’83

Brendan Shevlin ’93

Pat and Greg Shorten ’61

Robert Siebert ’59

Mary and John Sievers ’90

Laura and Kevin Sikorski

Nancy and Al Silvestri ’02

Christine and James Simon

Elizabeth and Alfred Simoncini

Karen and Mike Simons ’82

Arlene and Tom Simunek ’72

Mary Ellen and Michael Sloan

Jim Slover ’89

Lorraine and Brian Smith

Tina and Christopher Smith

Jessica and Ed Smith ’89

Joni and John Smith ’67

Carole and Paul Smith ’56

Catherine and Richard Smith

Diana and Bob Smith ’70

Ryan Smith ’13

Beth and Tom Smith ’86

Christopher and Tina Smith

Kathryn and William Smyth ’51

Mary Ann and Scott Smythe

Walt Snow ’44

Frank Soler ’10

Thomas Soler ’06

Carol and Tom Solferino

Joan and Joe Sommer ’73

Kathryn and Nick Sommese ’59

Nicole and Andrew Soucheck ’04

Catherine and Tom Souther ’76

Tricia and Adam Spahn ’89

Alison and Matt Spahn ’88

Lisa and Michael Spellman ’81

Flora and Anthony Spera

Lisa and Robert Speranza

Diane and Matt Spero ’92

Kirsten and Brian Spillane ’90

Kimberly and Paul Spinella ’93

Joseph Spitz ’01

Sunny and Pat Springer '85

Yana and John Squeri

Kyle Squillario ’04

Marie and Kevin St. Pierre ’85

Christopher Stamm ’14

Linda and John Stamm

Dail and Eric Stampfel ’92

Nancy and Edward Stankewick

Dylan Starace ’17

James Starkie ’10

Cherylann and John Starkie

Karen and Vincent Stracquadanio

Denise and Charlie Strain ’69

Maria and John Strandberg

Laura and Calvin Sullivan ’99

Ellen and Frank Sullivan ’63

John Sullivan ’09

Leslie and John Sullivan ’70

J.P. Sullivan ’09

Cynthia and Michael Sullivan

Suzanne Sullivan

Jane and Tom Sullivan ’62

Sure Iron Works

Joy and Rick Susi ’67

Jaclyn and Ken Sussi ’93

Mike Sutton ’09

Mary and John Suydam

Sandy and Ken Swab ’69

The Sweeney Family

Kristy and John Sweeney ’90

Laura and Joseph Sweeney

Therese and Raymond Sweeney

Terrence Sweeney ’07

Theresa Sweeney

Michele and Pat Sweeny ’79

Danielle and Ron Tadross ’89

Jodi and George Taggart

Vincenza and Maurizio Tallini

Lily and Chris Tauss ’77

Camille and Joe Tedesco ’73

Denise and George Teixeira

Tiffany and Joe Terranova ’84

Tricia and Brian Terry

Maria and Ernesto Tersigni ’84

Marla and George Theofel ’71

Phyllis and John Thomas

Diane and Mark Throop ’75

Christine and Mike Tiedemann

Jeannie and Craig Tigh ’72

Michael Tita '06

Kathleen and Robert Todd

Selena and Adilson Toledo

Paulette and Mike Toner ’67

Susan and Charles Torsiello

Lori and Kornel Toth ’85

Christie and Christopher Totman '96

Christine and John Touma

Ann Westerman Trait

Mary and Peter Trapani

Cheryl and John Travaglia ’89

Luisa and Matt Travaglia ’89

Laura and Kevin Traynor ’83

Phil Treacy ’84

Jean and Ted Trembinski

Jennifer and John Trendel ’88

Marina and Sal Trentacoste

Jamie and Steve Tretola ’93

Melissa and Salvatore Tringali ’97

Anthony Tripodoro ’11

Ed Tronolone ’65

Alex Troso

Kerri and Brian Tully

Jane and Bernard Turchiano

Susan and Paul Tuths ’70

Sue and Victor Tutino ’73

Vicky and Robert Tynan ’94

Joanne and Rick Ueland ’66

Alexander Umland ’14

Jeanne and John Umland

Thomas Umstatter ’00

Alfred Vachris, Sr. '58

John Vachris ’70

Jhanina and Cesar Valdebenito

Lisa and John Valente

Jennifer and Carl Valentino

Clare and Joseph Valenza

Pat and George Valva ’62

Greg Van Roten ’08

Barbara and Gary Vandeweghe ’56

Libby and Vinoo Varghese ’90

Sandy and John Varol ’57

Megan and Paul Vastola

Nina and Peter Vath '57

Nadine and Juan Veletanga

Jim Velten ’81

Stephanie and Philip Veltre

Deborah Viapiano

Kathryn and Jeff Villani '81

Christopher Virga ’02

Susan and Anthony Viscuso

Barbara and Gene Viviano ’69

Linda and Jim Vorbach ’74

John Wagner ’64

Eileen and Richard Wagner

Kurt Walas ’09

Christine and Christopher Waldron

Scott Waldron ’14

Theresa and Edmund Wallace

Ivy-Dan and Gregory Walsh

Joseph Walsh

Barbara and Kevin Walsh

Patti and Bill Walsh ’75

Mary Ellen and John Warch ’75

Rick Ward ’05

John Wasilewski ’78

Timothy Wasp

Westermann, Sheehy, Keenan, Samaan & Aydelott, LLP

Karen and Bob Weiden ’67

Marcus Weisgerber ’00

Suzette and Elliot Weiss

Kumi and Jim Welch ’79

The Werneburg Family

John Westerman ’75

Donna and Les Westerman ’74

Maura and Phil Westerman ’82

Martin Whelan ’80

JoAnn and Dave Whelehan ’60

Dan White ’08

Pat and Bob White ’61

Suzanne and Eric Wieczorek

Laurie and Brian Wiese ’91

Samuel Wigutow ’10

Nancy Wiley

Donna-Marie and Kenneth Williams

Dick Williams ’53

Brett Windisch ’12

Brenda and Gregg Winiarski ’88

Sally and Ed Witanowski ’63

Corinne and Charlie Withopf ’67

Mary and Gerard Wojkowski ’64

Marla and Rich Wolfe ’74

Alex Wong ’06

Vivienne and Robert Wong

Amanda and Christopher Wood ’94

Bob Woods ’61

Linda and Dan Wren ’67

Bob Wright ’61

Vanessa and Raymond Wrobleski

Stacey and Gene Wypyski ’73

Elizabeth and Richard Wysocki

Despina and Michael Yarian

Jennifer and William Yelsits

Pat and Fred Yosca ’69

Curtis Young ’97

Suzanne and Jonathan Young

Linda and Pat Zacchea ’79

Susan and Bill Zarakas ’74

Dolores Zarzycki

Carol and Walter Zarzycki

Marie and Mike Zembruski ’62

Jaclyn and Jim Zenker ’05

Louisa and Loris Zeppieri ’91

William Ziegler ’48

Kay and Tom Zolezzi ’58

Elizabeth and Edward Zullo

Patricia and Stephen Zuppello

Memorial Opportunities

Thank you to our generous donors who have established memorials. Boldface memorials are still available. For the pricing of the remaining memorial opportunities in the Science, Technology, and Research Center, please see page 8 of our campaign brochure.

Religious Images in Every Room
Southwest Cornerstone
Southeast Cornerstone
Northwest Cornerstone
Northeast Cornerstone
Atrium Memorialization
Floating Staircase
Foucault Pendulum
First Floor Living Wall
Second Floor Living Wall
Third Floor Living Wall
North Vestibule and Glass-Enclosed Stairway
Science Olympiad Lab Memorialization
Science Olympiad Teaching Wall
Science Olympiad Computerized Lab Probes
Earth Science Lab Memorialization
Earth Science Teaching Wall
Earth Science Computerized Lab Probes

Underwriting for the Sal Trentacoste Physics Lab
Physics Computerized Lab Probes
Physics Lab Teaching Wall
Second Floor South Landing
Third Floor South Landing Collaborative Work Space
Research Lab Memorialization
DNA Sequencer
DNA (PCR) Amplifier
Research Lab Teaching Wall
Research Lab Laminar Flow Cabinet and Ventilation System

Research Lab Teaching Wall
Research Lab Laminar Flow Cabinet and Ventilation System
Research Lab Computerized Lab Probes
Chemistry Lab Memorialization
Chemistry Lab Teaching Wall
Chemistry Lab Ventilation System and Fume Hoods

Chemistry Computerized Lab Probes
Biology Lab Memorialization
Anatomage Table
Biology Lab Teaching Wall
Biology Lab Ventilation System and Fume Hoods
Biology Computerized Lab Probes

Chaminade Events Space Memorialization
South Terrace Memorialization
North Terrace Memorialization
4-Meter Mobile Bed and Flow Visualization Tank
Teaching Flume with Complete Fluid Dynamics Model

Sediment Transport Demonstration Channel
Drainage & Seepage Tank
River Flow Demonstrator
Drain Permeameter & Hydraulics Bench
Custom Furnishings
Laser Cutter
3D Printer & 3D Scanner
Metal-Working Lathes & Mills

Observation Deck Memorialization
Telescope Dome

Campaign Details

For more information about Empowering Our Students, Endowing Our Future, please read our brochure. A recent article in the Chaminade News also details the purpose and the goal for this campaign.

Contact Us

The Chaminade Development Office is available to answer any questions you may have. Please call (516) 742-5555 ext. 444, or email empowering@chaminade-hs.org.


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