So proud to wear the Crimson and the Gold!

Chaminade athletes are collectively known as the Flyers. The etymology of the name is two-fold; the Flyers pay tribute to Long Island's significant aviation history, including serving as the landing sites of the first non-stop transcontinental and solo transatlantic crossings. Students may participate on a number of interscholastic teams during three annual seasons.

Chaminade is a founding member of the Nassau-Suffolk Catholic High Schools Athletic Association (CHSAA), a charter member of the Catholic High School Football League, a member of the Catholic High School Athletic Association of Greater New York, and a member of the New York State CHSAA.

Concussion Awareness Policy

A concussion is a serious brain injury caused by a bump, blow or jolt to to the head. In the event that a student is diagnosed with a concussion or a concussion is suspected, please note the following procedure:

a. The student will be immediately removed from play/gym and the student’s parents notified.

b. The school nurse will be notified and will follow up with the student and parent.

c. If a concussion is diagnosed outside of school, the parent should notify the nurse’s office and the same procedure will follow. d. The student must see a physician for an initial diagnosis and be re-evaluated by the physician for clearance, stating that they are symptom-free concussion and may return to sports/gym. e. A written clearance from the student’s physician must be

received by the school nurse.
f. The student must also be cleared by the school doctor.

No student will be allowed to return to sports/gym unless symp- tom-free for 24 hours. Participation will be halted if symptoms reoccur after clearance is received.

g. Students must complete a 5 day return to play protocol and remain symptom free before returning to full play. Return to learn post concussion is evaluated on an individual basis and overseen by the Guidance Dept.

Additional information on concussions can be found at: parent_athlete_info.pdf

Athletic Eligibility

Parents of athletes are asked to complete an athletic eligibility form here. If you have more than one son at Chaminade, the school will need a separate form completed for each son. At the end of the form, click to submit another form.