Benedict Reitzel

STUDENT, class of 2020

One of eight siblings, Ben Reitzel knows a thing or two about being part of a big family – and that’s how he views Chaminade.

“The culture makes Chaminade different from other schools,” Ben believes. “Our parents, alumni, and teachers are all looking out for us.”

As Ben enters his senior year at Chaminade, he is involved in many different aspects of life at the school. His grades have earned him a place on the Honor Roll. Aside from his time in the classroom, Ben is a member of the golf team and the Economics, French, Culinary, Catholics for Life, and Social Studies Clubs.

He believes, “Chaminade creates many opportunities to refine our skills and become well-rounded men. I always look forward to after-school activities. It’s just not a great time to make friends, but also to further explore interesting subjects and topics.”

Ben also admires his teachers, and credits them with nurturing his intellect, time-management skills, and spiritual growth.

“There’s always someone to talk to at Chaminade,” Ben said. “Our teachers make Chaminade unique. They dedicate so much time and talent to helping us succeed. There’s a genuine environment here.”

That environment is rooted in the Marianist tradition, and Ben finds strength in it.

“The brothers and lay teachers incorporate prayer and faith into everything we do. I’ll look back with gratitude for the traditional Catholic values that Chaminade teaches.”

“There’s a genuine, positive environment here. We’re all trying to be our best, but we’re bringing the guys on our left and right up with us.”

This year, Ben will take Chaminade’s Advanced Language and Composition course with the opportunity to sit for AP exams. But, he knows his classmates are there to help with any questions he may have. The school began a Peer Tutoring program in recent years, and it's given students another way to learn and collaborate with each other. 

Ben explained, "They're taking time out of their day to help you. It's a very Catholic thought. We're all trying to be the best at Chaminade, but we're bringing the guys on our left and on our right up with us."

After Chaminade, Ben hopes to pursue a life in public service.  

"We need more Chaminade Men in the political world, leading by example with good values," Ben said. "It's my goal to be an honest and trusted representative for our community. And that's a sentiment I find fostered at Chaminade."