Anthony Patten


Fellow Flyers,

Given the talent and breadth of the Chaminade alumni base, I have been humbled and honored to serve as president of the Alumni Association over the past year. Thank you to Bro. Thomas Cleary ’81, Bro. Richard Hartz ’59, Gus Nuzzolese ’76, and Ed Smith ’89 for your vote of confidence. My joy for our school reached a new level this year not only through service, but also in seeing my son, Alex ’20, join the Chaminade Family. Tears came to my eyes when he began freshman orientation in August. I don’t think I’m the only one who has felt similar emotions.

Congratulations to our newest alumni from the Class of 2017! I pray for your continued success in the next chapter of your lives. Chaminade has given you the tools to take your life in whatever direction you want to go - trust me. Keep up the hard work and keep your faith in the Lord and the Blessed Mother. Please don’t be strangers to the Alumni Association as we are here to help you in any way we can.

During the past year, I have had the good fortune to meet many of you at Chaminade or at events across the country. I have enjoyed every last minute of it, and look forward to our next year together.

Special thanks to my vice presidents; it is easy to be a leader when your lieutenants are as talented as this group of guys: Jay Lynch ’71, Leo Barnes ’89, Chris Foresto ’94, and Kevin Kitt ’05. I could not ask or find a more committed and loyal group of guys to the Chaminade mission. These alumni are hands-on leaders. I also wish to extend a special token of gratitude to the board members for all their time and efforts: Past President Gus Nuzzolese ’76, permanent board members Ernest Bartol ’63, Barry Champney ’70, Christopher Byczek ’66, Michael Carey ’67, Patrick Donnelly ’80, John Fawls ’74, Dick Kearns ’68, Daniel Landolphi ’82, Joseph Lucchesi ’63, Chuck Mansfield ’62, Lawrence Mahon ’78, Edward Smith ’89, Craig Tigh ’72, Robert Van der Waag ’61, John Westerman ’75; Chapter Presidents Jonathan Kuczmarski ’98 (Boston), Donald Schroeder ’63 (Northern California), Christopher Donnelly ’95 (Southern California), Patrick Zacchea ’79 and Luke Kaplan ’98 (Chicago), David Maloof ’76 (Connecticut/Westchester), Ronald Malanowski ’86 (Southeast Florida), Christopher Kuzler ’81 (Southwest Florida), Geoffrey Beauchamp ’69 (Greater Delaware Valley), Thomas Russo ’68 (Washington/Baltimore); event chairmen Robert Salvatico ’90 (Golf and Tennis Open), Evan Raggi ’03 (Distinguished Alumnus Award), Daniel Nawrocki ’03 (Basketball), John Sweeney ’90 (Hockey), Michael Minutoli ’94 (Soccer), Michael Hodson ’00 (New York City Cocktail Party), Daniel Salogub ’07 (Combined Reunions), Brian Giesecke ’07 (Football), Sean Kilduff ’88 (Wrestling), Michael Gamber ’09 (Young Alumni Professional), James Mercadante ’79 (Community Service), Dennis Almodovar ’85 (Track), Stephen Gallagher ’07 (Yearbook Barbecue), Mario Matulich ’00 (Baseball), John Geager ’06 (Crew), Regis McDermott ’05 (Lacrosse), Donald Turner ’82 (Swimming); and, finally, our professional association presidents: John Travaglia ’89 (Law Enforcement), Peter Lindner ’99 (Real Estate), David Leno ’90 (Lawyers), Christopher Moran ’85 (Wall Street), and Robert Shannon ’92 (Long Island Businessmen).

Many graduates have come back to speak at or attend our events. Vice Adm. Michael D. Malone ’66 joined us at the President’s dinner; Matthew Beh ’87, Europe liaison officer for the Counter-ISIL Coalition at the US Department of State, spoke to our Washington/Baltimore Chapter. Others have donated their time, space, services, and expertise for our events. Just to name a few: John Liegey ’81, founder of Greenport Harbor Brewing Company; Frank Kurre ’81, managing partner of Grant Thornton’s New York practice; Richard Kearns ’68, chairman of Chaminade Board of Advisors and owner of Copperhill restaurant in Williston Park. Your generosity exemplifies what it means to be Chaminade men, and what “Strength in Unity” is all about.

Our alumni continue to make a difference in the world, and we were privileged to honor two of them as Distinguished Alumni: William Sadlier Dinger ’59, president of Sadlier, Inc., the oldest family-owned producer of textbooks in the U.S., and Robert McKillop ’67, head coach of Davidson College men’s basketball team. Alumni are also innovating new ways to support each other. Brian Frumberg ’01, Michael Taormina ’01, and Kent Martin ’90 co-led the new Chaminade Entrepreneurs Association. These guys are truly impressive business leaders. To date, they have held two alumni events with great success and participation. James Mercadante ’79, chairman of Alumni Community Service Projects, coordinated several events to support our neighbors on Long Island. John Travaglia ’89, president of the Law Enforcement Association, organized a beautiful Mass for late NYPD Det. Steven McDonald CAPA.

“My joy for our school reached a new level this year not only through service, but also in seeing my son, Alex ’20, join the Chaminade Family. Tears came to my eyes when he began freshman orientation in August. I don’t think I’m the only one who has felt similar emotions.”

So many good things are happening back in Mineola, too. Our Science, Technology, and Research Center grows closer to completion every day – thanks to your support, and the leadership of Senior Development Officer Chris Hanley ’80. The Society of Mary also celebrates a monumental milestone with its bicentennial. What’s more, several young alumni have begun their formation process as brothers to the Society of Mary, other orders, and diocesan priests. May the Lord continue to guide and watch all of our men pursuing vocations to the Church.

It takes hard work to make all of these things happen. The Marianists, faculty, members of the alumni board and the alumni office selflessly devote countless hours and immeasurable talent to this network of students and graduates. Thank you to everyone – including Bro. Thomas ’81, Bro. Richard ’59 (who turned 75 this year), Assistant Director of Development and Alumni Relations Deborah Kendric, Chris Hanley ’80, and Assistant Alumni Association Moderator Kevin Parente ’82 – for keeping the Torch burning in the hearts and minds of our students and alumni.

In closing, I graciously ask the following of you:

  • If you have been the prodigal alumni (as I was the first 10 post-graduate years), please find time to come to an alumni event. I guarantee you that you will be welcomed like the son in the parable and you will leave the event feeling better than when you arrived (or at least get a delicious chocolate cookie in the process!).
  • If you are visiting the area or passing through Mineola (even on the spur of the moment), please stop by Chaminade. I guarantee that you will be greeted with a smile and likely offered the opportunity to tour the latest developments.
  • If you are in the position to hire an alumnus, please do so as we are all cut from the same mold and know that it is simply the opportunity or the door to be opened that is needed to flourish.
  • If you would like to share an idea for, or space to provide for a Chaminade alumni event, please call the alumni office, an alumni board member or myself as we are always looking for help, new ideas and/or space.
  • If you have Flyers gear, proudly wear it. I guarantee, whether it is at a client meeting, on a mountain in Stratton, Vt., or an immigration line at Dublin’s airport (talking from personal experience in the past year), the Chaminade alumni net is cast very broad. A fellow alumnus will recognize it and, at a minimum, will facilitate / stir up conversation.
  • If you have been blessed through the grace of God and your hard work with financial success, please consider a contribution to Torch or the construction of the Science, Technology and Research Center. The school’s future success is greatly made possible from the generosity of alumni like you.
  • If you are going through less than optimal circumstance (e.g. loss of a job or loved one) and need a shoulder to lean on or our prayers (as I typically do), please let us know. You are not alone, and there is never a shortage of those willing to help and pray among the alumni family. Keep the Marianists, the life-line of Chaminade, faculty and alumni family in your prayers to the Lord and His Blessed Mother, remembering “do whatever He tells you” (John 2:5-7).

One of the best quotes that I have heard during the past year at Chaminade came from Coach Christopher Lynch ’82, after he received the 2017 Crimson and Gold dedication. “Life goes quick,” he said. “But, my mother always told me, ‘Your life is God’s gift to you. What you do with your life is your gift to God.’”

Once again, thank you for your continued support. Your contribution, regardless of amount, enhances the Chaminade experience and makes it possible for future generations of students to be a part of it.

Go Flyers!

Anthony W. Patten ’87
President, Chaminade Alumni Association