The Chaminade Experience

Members of our Chaminade Family explain in their own words why they chose Chaminade and the impact it had on their lives and the lives of their sons.

“When you have time to reflect on your life, you realize the incredible foundation Chaminade has provided academically, spiritually as well as the discipline to hold yourself accountable in all facets of life. A truly outstanding environment.”
Kevin McCullagh ’62
“Boys who enter Chaminade will leave as well-educated, critical-thinking young men who can lead their lives, communities, and workplaces with both purpose and compassion.”
David Connolly P’21

“My Chaminade education was invaluable to me in life.”
Fred Magenheimer ’57

“Once a Chaminade man, always a Chaminade man; always a member of the Chaminade Family.”
Craig Farrell ’97

“‘They go in as boys, and come out men.’ You hear that when your son is in school, but to see it happen right in front of your eyes is truly a blessing.”
Shalini Stevens Schetty P ’17

“We all brought something different to Chaminade. It's everyone's unique abilities that make Chaminade a special place.”
Michael Aversano ’98

“Everything about this school helped prepare me for my future.”
Louis Fasano ’10



Griffin Jusko, a Chaminade senior, can often be found before or after school working with classmates from the Communications and Chinese Clubs. “Looking back on my years as a Chaminade student," he said, "I often wonder where I would be without everything the school has given me.”




“There's a line in the Gospel of Luke that tells us, ‘To whom much is given, much is expected,’” said Aidan Fitzgerald ’18. “The same can be said for the Chaminade Man.”


Alumnus; Parent, Class of 2021

“Chaminade makes all men equal,” said Chris Concannon ’85. “The star of the debate club is just as important as the star of the football team.” Watch as Chris explains how Chaminade has impacted his life and career.



On a typical day, Brendan Regan ’18 would perform a host of activities to grow his faith, expand friendship with his classmates, and offer service to the school. “Chaminade is like a second home to me,” he said, “a home that has allowed me to grow academically and spiritually.”



Parent, Class of 2019

Nancy Montelli, whose son is a member of the Class of 2019, says the Chaminade difference is clear through “education and dedication . . . and the boys creating long-lasting friendships.”



"After graduation, I'm really going to miss Chaminade," said Liam Maxson ’20. "It's like a second home to me."


Alumni Parent, Class of 2015

“We felt a close family relationship with all of the people at Chaminade. Once our son graduated, we realized we didn't want to lose what we had here.”

Anthony Patten ’87

Alumnus; Parent, Class of 2020

“My joy for our school reached a new level this year not only through service, but also in seeing my son, Alex ’20, join the Chaminade Family," said Chaminade Alumni Association President Anthony Patten ’87. “Tears came to my eyes when he began freshman orientation in August. I don’t think I’m the only one who has felt similar emotions.”



Alumni Parent, Class of 2018

“In our faith, we are taught that the seed that falls on good ground will yield a fruitful harvest,” said Lisa Mattimoe, whose son Frank is a senior. “As a proud member of the Chaminade Family, we are so grateful for the rich soil Chaminade has provided our son to grow and flourish.”