The Chaminade course of studies has been devised in conformity with the school's consistent policy of promoting the greatest intellectual competence together with the highest moral character. The scope of the curriculum provides for a liberal education which meets the most stringent of college entrance requirements.

All students take four years of English, social studies, language, mathematics, religion, science, and physical education. All students also study one year of music and art, one year of health, and a second year of art and music. In addition, all students take four years of Academic Enrichment and two years of Bloomberg Financial.

Academic Enrichment

The four-year academic program is anchored by the Academic Enrichment 9, 10, 11, and 12 courses. Each course is designed to complement instruction in the six core subjects, while developing in students the necessary skills to be successful, responsible, and conscientious learners.

Academic Enrichment 9 focuses on the transition to high school, teaching students to apply evidence-based study skills in their learning. Additionally, students will be introduced to computer programming, guided through lessons in digital citizenship, and given the chance to develop 21st-century skills like communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Academic Enrichment 10 is a continuation of the freshman program. Continuing with lessons in digital citizenship, study skills, computer programming, and 21st-century skills, students are also given standardized-test preparation and focused instruction on research and inquiry.

Academic Enrichment 11 continues previous instruction in study skills, computer programming, and standardized-test preparation but also introduces students to financial literacy. Students work in the Bloomberg Financial Center, learning how to use Bloomberg Financial software on our 20 terminals.

Academic Enrichment 12 helps students turn toward the college process. In addition to continuing previous instruction in study skills, computer programming, and the Bloomberg program, students work with the College Placement Office to complete their college applications and begin the transition to post-secondary study.


The English program combines the study of literature with developmental instruction and exercise in vocabulary, speech, composition, and grammar. Classroom discussion of reading assignments covers the major aspects of American and English literature.

Mr. Peter Vanderberg                    English Department Chair
English III

Mr. Jason Booth
Advanced Language, English IV

Mr. Michael Bruno ’90
English IV

Mr. Joseph Caso
English I

Mr. Thomas Dillon ’92
English III

Ms. Meaghan Dodson              English II, III                           

Mr. Denis Flood ’89
English II

Ms. Heidi Hafner
English I

Mr. Michael Ingrassia ’94
English II, IV

Mr. John Maldonado                   English III                          

Mr. Cole Malsky
English II

Mr. Patrick Reichart ’01
English I

Mr. Andrew Salecker ’12
English I, II

Fine Arts

All students follow a three-year sequence in Fine Arts. Freshmen take music -- an appreciation course emphasizing major musical styles and composers along with the development of critical listening skills. Studio art, offered to all juniors, provides students with studio experiences in drawing, painting, and calligraphy in order to learn the principles of design and composition.

Seniors study advanced fine arts, which consists of a half a year of advanced music and a half a year of advanced art. These courses explore significant historical and critical elements of the contribution of the arts to our shared human experience. The courses focus on selected outstanding works of art and music and the many cultural connections that can be drawn from them.

Bro. Karl Hornberger, S.M. ’77
Fine Arts Department Chair

Mr. Justin Accordino
Studio Art, Advanced Art

Mr. Anthony Bovota
Crimson Band Director

Mr. Robert Evans
Flyers Band Director

Mrs. Viktoriya Khokhlova
Music I
Vocal Chamber Ensemble Director
Glee Club Moderator

Bro. Robert Lahey, S.M. ’65
Music I

Mr. Brian Lewis
Gold Band Director
Jazz Band Director
Pit Band Director

Mrs. Sally Zehnter
Music I, Advanced Music
String Orchestra Director


Chaminade offers four-year language programs in Chinese, French, Spanish, and Latin. Each student studies his chosen language for four scholastic years. The first two years of language studies focus primarily on structure, vocabulary, and culture. Levels III and IV emphasize complex grammatical and verb formations as well as literature, culture, reading, and writing. Level V, for accelerated students, encompasses in more detail the study of culture, history, and literature.

Mrs. Alanna Kump
Language Department Chair
Spanish IV

Mrs. Maria Agosti
Spanish II, V

Mr. Sebastian Agosti ’09
Spanish I

Mr. Thomas Cassidy ’93
Spanish IV

Mr. Declan Hart ’11
Spanish I

Bro. Richard Hartz, S.M. ’59
German IV

Rev. Garrett Long, S.M. ’62
Latin IV

Mr. Shuchao Luo
Chinese II

Mr. William Maddock                  Latin I, II                              

Ms. Kayley Mavridis
Spanish III

Mr. Terence McCormick ’03
French I, IV

Bro. John McGrory, S.M. ’84
German III; Latin V

Mr. Gabriel Ramos ’04
Spanish II

Mrs. Rita Santiago-Espinal
French II, III, V; Spanish I

Mr. Gregory Saporita ’02
Spanish III

Mr. Daniel Terzulli
Latin III

Mr. Gergory Walsh
Chinese I, III, IV


All students follow a four-year mathematics program. Concepts cover two- and three-dimensional geometry, algebra, trigonometry, advanced functions, and calculus. Conceptual understanding is emphasized and computational skills are developed and reinforced during math practicum periods.

Mr. Terence Fitzgibbon ’00        Mathematics Department Chair
Advanced Calculus, Calculus II

Mr. Kevin Beirne ’00
Algebra 10

Ms. Danielle Borroni
Precalculus 10, Calculus 11

Mr. John Callinan ’84

Mr. Peter Carriero ’96
Math 11

Mr. Andrew Corcoran ’01

Mr. Gregory Gerner ’10

Mr. Daniel Haslbauer ’11
Geometry, Precalculus 10

Mr. Brian Hayes ’99
Geometry, Algebra 10

Mr. Robert Hazelton ’82

Bro. Karl Hornberger, S.M. ’77

Mrs. Carol Leotta
Math 11

Mr. Shuchao Luo

Mr. Michael Strandberg ’09
Calculus I, Advanced Calculus I, Precalculus 10

Dr. Daniel Summers                    Precalculus 10, Calculus II

Physical Education & Health

All students are required to take four years of physical education. The activities of the program for the four years are: physical fitness testing (twice annually), calisthenics, aerobics and weight training, softball, basketball, team handball, soccer, swimming, volleyball, speedball, mass games, and classes in the Chaminade Physical Fitness Center.

The one-year health course is given to sophomores. Units are taught with the understanding of how health issues in today's society affect students as citizens and as Catholics.

Mr. Daniel Feeney
Physical Education Department Chair

Mr. Michael Moran
Health Department Chair
Physical Education

Mr. Kevin Carroll
Physical Education

Mr. Scott Cole ’95
Physical Education

Mr. Christopher Lynch ’82
Physical Education

Mr. Thomas Paul

Mr. Robert Pomponio
Physical Education

Mr. Jorge Vargas
Physical Education

Mr. Robert Zehnder
Physical Education


The Chaminade Religion Department seeks to demonstrate the vitality of Christ's message to the present age so students might find personal identity in the framework of Christian commitment. The four-year course includes the study of Scripture, the Person of Christ, Church history, the sacraments, the growth and development of the person, self-knowledge, human relationships, the meaning of Christian maturity, faith, belief in God, and Catholic social teaching.

Bro. Patrick Sarsfield, S.M. ’86
Religion Department Chair
History of Salvation II

Bro. Stephen Balletta, S.M. ’74
Christian Existence

Bro. Joseph Bellizzi, S.M. ’78
History of Salvation I

Bro. Thomas Cleary, S.M. ’81
Christian Existence

Bro. Ryszard Decowski, S.M. ’77
History of Salvation II

Mr. Michael Dolce ’99
History of Salvation I, Christian Humanism

Mr. Michael Foley ’99
Christian Humanism

Mr. Thomas Griffin
Christian Existence

Rev. Peter Heiskell, S.M. ’86
Christian Humanism

Mrs. Cheryl MacDougall
History of Salvation I

Bro. John McGrory, S.M. ’84
Christian Existence

Mr. Daniel Petruccio
Christian Humanism

Mr. Denis Sugrue
Christian Humanism

Bro. Thomas Terrill, n.S.M ’10      History of Salvation I        

Mr. Daniel Terzulli
History of Salvation II

Mr. Benjamin Volpe
History of Salvation I, II


Students at Chaminade complete a four-year program in science. Students begin their freshman year with a rigorous honors-level biology course, followed by chemistry, physics, and a natural science offering. During the sophomore, junior, and senior years, students may apply for Advanced Placement (AP)-aligned courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. Students not enrolled in the AP-aligned physics course during senior year may choose from several honors or AP-aligned Earth and space science courses.

The goal of the science program is twofold: to present students with the opportunity to discover the orderliness and wonder of the natural world and to understand the laws governing this order. The science program provides enhanced opportunities to students naturally gifted in mathematics and science while providing all students a thorough background in the natural sciences.

Bro. Benjamin Knapp, S.M. ’93
Science Department Chair

Mr. Joseph Amorizzo ’07
Chemistry 11

Mr. Matthew Chicavich ’98

Mr. Andrew Corcoran ’01
Advanced Biology

Mr. Peter Dubon ’99
Advanced Biology, Biology, Chemistry 11

Mr. P. Casey Giordano ’93

Mr. Daniel Haslbauer ’11             Physics                                   

Dr. Elias Kotsovolos
Chemistry 10

Dr. Karen Kuntz
STRC Co-Director

Mr. Thomas Liguori

Bro. Dermot Meehan, S.M. ’74

Dr. Brianna O'Neill
STRC Co-Director

Mr. Pasquale Razzano
Biology 10

Mr. Richard Rosin ’14
Chemistry 10, 11

Mr. Ahmed Sarhan
Chemistry 10, Biology

Dr. Melinda Viscusi

Mr. Peter Warner

Social Studies

Courses in global studies, European history, and United States history focus on the events and forces which shaped the world. Students also examine current events, studying contemporary trends in the context of political, economic, and social history.

Mr. Brian Anselmo ’89
Social Studies Department Chair
U.S. History

Ms. Colleen Gilroy
Global History II, Advanced European History

Mr. Michael Griffin
Global Studies I

Mr. Patrick Hoey ’01
Topics in U.S. History, Advanced U.S. History

Mr. Vincent Jeffrey ’04
Advanced Government and Politics

Mr. Patrick Kemp ’04
Advanced Government and Politics

Mr. John Mazzello
Global Studies II, Advanced European History

Mr. Michael McCarthy
Global Studies II

Mr. Terence McCormick ’03
U.S. History

Mr. Martin Munnelly ’87
Global Studies I, U.S. History

Mr. Robert O'Keefe ’04
Topics in U.S. History, Advanced U.S. History

Mr. Kevin O'Neill
Global Studies I

Mr. Kevin Parente ’82
Topics in U.S. History

Mr. Christopher Safrath ’04
Global Studies I