AP Exam Student and Parent Information - 2021-2022

General Information

  • At some point in the coming days, invoices will be produced through My School Bucks for the 2022 College Board AP exams.
  • All students taking a 2022 AP exam must submit payment by November 1, 2021. Late orders will incur a $40 late fee per exam. 
  • The exam fee is $96 per exam. Payment must be made through the My School Bucks portal. You can log into your account through this link.
    • If you have not set up a My School Bucks account for your son's lunch purchases, please see the instructions here. 
  • Chaminade will not order a requested exam before payment has been submitted and processed.
  • All inquiries can be directed to Mr. Graham Otton, gotton@chaminade-hs.org.
  • College Board Information for Parents and Students

Exam Ordering

  • Ordering is completed through the College Board AP Classroom dashboard. Students must be enrolled in a section for their exams to be ordered. Students enrolled in Advanced European History, Advanced Biology, Advanced U.S. History, Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Calculus AB/BC I/II, Advanced Statistics, Advanced Environmental Science, Advanced Physics, Advanced Language and Composition, Advanced Literature and Composition, or Advanced U.S. Government and Politics should already be enrolled in an AP Classroom section.
    • Students who plan to decline an exam for a course they are taking should fill out this form. This form must be completed by October 20, 2021. Keep in mind that students enrolled in a course that terminated in an AP exam must either take the AP exam or the comprehensive exam.
    • Juniors in Advanced Calculus BC I should fill out this form if they would like to take the AP Calculus AB exam in May 2022.

Exam-Only Registration

  • Any student who wants to sit for an AP exam but is not enrolled in a corresponding course at Chaminade should enroll directly through the College Board website using the codes on this sheet. Registering through the College Board site indicates that you plan to sit for the exam, and you should submit payment by November 1, 2021. Please keep in mind that invoice generation will take 5-7 business days.
    • This includes students who are planning to take an AP exam for which there is no corresponding course at Chaminade (e.g. If a student wants to take the AP Microeconomics exam).
    • This also includes students who are planning to take an AP exam for which there is no corresponding course at Chaminade that he is not enrolled in (e.g. If a student wants to take the AP U.S. History exam, but he is enrolled in American History).

Exam Dates


  • Google Form submitted by October 20, 2021, for those declining an AP exam for a current course.
  • Payment submitted on My School Bucks by November 1, 2021