50th Annual Golf and Tennis Open Award Winners

Congratulations to those who won awards at this year's Golf and Tennis Open. The Open, held once a year at the end of June, is the school's largest fundraiser and draws over 600 members of the Chaminade Family together.

Brookville Country Club

1st Place Low Gross: Michael Meehan '90
2nd Place Low Gross: Andrew Pohalski '11  
3rd Place Low Gross: Christian Alpert '91

1st Place Low Net: Joseph Spina '11
2nd Place Low Net: Timothy Jarzynka '06
3rd Place Low Net: Nick Rosato Fr.

1st Place Callaway: Michael Landolphi '88
2nd Place Callaway: Sean Creegan '97
3rd Place Callaway: Brian Gilgan Fr.

Longest Drive (14th hole): Patrick Sheehan '17
Straightest Drive (5th hole): Robert Palumbo Fr.
Closest to Pin (16th hole): Justin McCarthy '97

Michael Meehan '90, Christian Alpert '91, Thomas Walsh '90, Christopher Hickey '90

Meadow Brook Club

1st Place Low Gross: Michael Rafferty '87
2nd Place Low Gross: Christopher Van Praag '14
3rd Place Low Gross: Philip Fahey '84

1st Place Low Net: Gregory Shaughnessy P'24
2nd Place Low Net: Ryan Byrne P'24
3rd Place Low Net: Thomas Butkiewicz Fr.

1st Place Callaway: Tim Lynch Fr.
2nd Place Callaway: Michael McGuire CAPA
3rd Place Callaway: James Doig Fr.

Straightest Drive (5th hole): Sean Kilduff '88
Longest Drive (7th hole): Paul Bernardo '74
Closest to Pin (17th hole): Gary Camus '76

Bill Roberti Fr., Gerard Griffin '87, Robert Kelly '88, Michael Rafferty '87

Mill River Club

1st Place Low Gross: Alex Oxenham Fr.
2nd Place Low Gross: Peter Barry CAPA
3rd Place Low Gross: Thomas Barbaro Fr.

1st Place Low Net: Christopher Tully '80
2nd Place Low Net: Francis Ruchalski '82
3rd Place Low Net: William Ellsworth '82

1st Place Callaway: Daniel Friel '82
2nd Place Callaway: Sean Umhafer P'22
3rd Place Callaway: Nick Milone '96

Longest Drive (18th hole): Frank Serravalli '09
Straightest Drive (4th hole): Mark Rossano '02
Closest to Pin (7th hole): Michael Walsh '13

John Feyrer Fr., Justin Frankel Fr., Alex Oxenham Fr., Howard Tarr P'24

Nassau Country Club

1st Place Low Gross: Kevin Seltzer '84
2nd Place Low Gross Harry McCabe '85
3rd Place Low Gross: William Melchionni '85

1st Place Low Net: Thomas Field Fr.
2nd Place Low Net: Kevin Cudahy '85
3rd Place Low Net: Kristopher Kalibat '07

1st Place Callaway: Brendan Fitzpatrick '88
2nd Place Callaway: Liam Carey '07
3rd Place Callaway: Scott Feryo '84

Longest Drive (12th hole): Timothy Bowe Jr. '06
Straightest Drive (2nd hole): Richard Cooney '85
Closest to Pin (5th hole): Andrew Smith Fr.

Richard Cooney '85, Kevin Cudahy '85, Anthony Iandoli '85, Anthony Spera '85

Wheatley Hills Golf Club

1st Place Low Gross: Matt Gutauskas Fr.
2nd Place Low Gross: Christopher Palmer '87
3rd Place Low Gross: Dave Brigagliano Fr.

1st Place Low Net: John Coleman '82
2nd Place Low Net: Richard LeWarn Fr.
3rd Place Low Net: Joseph Pollicino '77

1st Place Callaway: Rich Morandi Fr.
2nd Place Callaway: Pat Filippetti Fr.
3rd Place Callaway: John Maher '90

Longest Drive (15th hole): Brian McNamara '09
Straightest Drive (9th hole): Michael Reardon '07
Closest to Pin (8th hole): Mike Lavery Fr.

Richard Coppola '00, Christopher Palmer '87, Matt Gutauskas Fr., John Curran '72

Class Championship

Class of 1988: Thomas Mullooly, Kevin Finn, Timothy Curran, Michael Landolphi

Pebble Beach Raffle

Gary Romaka '04


1st place singles: Andrew Galligan P'23
2nd place singles: Thomas Gsell Fr.
1st place doubles: Justin Kuczmarski '95 and James Lynch '71
2nd place doubles: Michael McGee '77 and Julian Bailey Fr.

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