Catholic Art Contest

Catholic Art Contest

Students from all divisions were given the opportunity to display their Catholic faith and artistic talent to the school community through "Truth, Goodness & Beauty: Catholic Art Contest." Students demonstrated their creativity and faith in the contest through photos, digital art, and paper art. 

Sophomore Mario Mazzelli, who drew a depiction of birds sitting around a dove, was crowned the contest’s winner. Second place went to digital artist Jesus Garcia ’23, who created a scene depicting Jesus’s death and resurrection. Finally, Oliver Regala ’23 came in third with a beautiful photo of the Bible surrounded by roses. 

When asked to comment about the contest, runner-up Garcia said, “It’s great to give Chaminade’s students the opportunity to show their talents outside the classroom, especially in art, to the rest of the school community. I also enjoyed creating artwork to express my faith, and I hope to see Chaminade implement more events like these in the future.”

The contest was judged by members of the General Administration of the Marianist Order, visiting Chaminade from Rome. Each of the winners received a religious icon of St. Luke painting the famous image of Our Blessed Mother Mary holding the infant Jesus to represent this contest's spiritual and artistic significance in the school community.



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