Chaminade Announces New Campaign, Access for All

Imagine a Chaminade that is accessible to any academically qualified young man, regardless of financial status. Access for All is making that a reality.

“A Chaminade education is a privilege,” says Mr. Kevin Conway '76, most recent recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award and ardent supporter of Access for All. “The education and character-building that goes on in the school are second to none, and it should be available to every family and young man who qualifies academically for it.”

Though many young students on Long Island and the surrounding areas are more than qualified to attend Chaminade, they don't even apply due to the financial circumstances of their families. Through Access for All Chaminade seeks to raise an initial $30 million in the first phase of the program to create a substantial financial-aid effort, reducing tuition cost barriers for talented and qualified students whose families might struggle to afford a Chaminade education, or worse, might not even think to apply.

Click below to read more about this new initiative in the most recent edition of Chaminade News.



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