77th Annual Gold Star Mass

The names and faces of Chaminade's Gold Star alumni were displayed on the track level of the Activity-Athletic Center this morning. These 56 alumni gave their lives in service of our country.

The 77th Annual Gold Star Mass was attended by the entire student body, faculty, staff, special guests, and members of the Classes of 1970 and 1971 celebrating their 50th reunion. Auxiliary Bishop Richard G. Henning '82 of Rockville Centre, Chaminade Chaplain Fr. Peter Heiskell, S.M. '86, and Fr. Garrett Long, S.M. '62, celebrated with the assistance of Deacon Ralph Muscente '70 at the altar. Chaminade Alumni Association President James Mercadante '79 recited the names of the 56 Gold Star alumni, and the color guard was provided by the United States Marine Corps.

"As we pray for the repose of the souls of our Gold Star alumni, we pray for those who are in harm's way right now. There are many good things in our lives - many important things in our lives - but I hope you, the students of this school, know that the most important thing is what happens here at this altar," Bishop Henning said in his homily.

To watch a recording of the Mass, click here.

Following the Mass, special guests and members of the 50th reunion classes joined on Faerber Field for brunch. Fiftieth reunion activities for the two classes will continue over the next three days. You can view the entire photo gallery below:

We salute and honor all of those who have served and are currently serving our country. May the souls of our Gold Star Alumni and the souls of all departed Chaminade alumni rest in peace!

Anthony Bedell ’43 
Hugh P. Biddick ’39 
Charles F. Bird ’40 
Robert J. Biss ’42 
Harold W. Borer ’35 
George A. Brast ’38 
Robert G. Bruswitz ’55 
James J. Cahill ’42 
Robert F. Carroll ’54 
Joseph M. Clarke ’33 
James P. Connolly ’56 
George H. Cridland ’39 
Frank J. Donnelly ’40 
James J. Donnelly ’44 
Paul J. Dour ’77 
John H. Doxey ’43
Paul A. Drucker ’59 
Edward A. Ednie ’47 
Guido Farinaro ’67 
John F. Felbinger ’55 
Patrick Foran ’61 
George J. Friedel ’43 
Herbert E. Frost ’55 
Martin T. Gill ’40 
Michael J. Haase ’41 
Frank C. Haggerty ’36 
John F. Hennessey ’40 
Stephen E. Karopczyc ’61
Charles M. Kearns ’38
Daniel B. Kelly ’35
William J. Killea ’63
Robert A. Kisch ’62
Frank R. Knox ’43
Walter J. Koslow ’37
William J. Lang ’42
Michael L. LiCalzi ’00
John H. Losh ’33
James B. Lynch ’60
John Q. Madigan ’40
Richard A. Marfurt ’64
John J. McDonald ’35
John W. Meehan ’43
Robert A. Meehan ’43
Lawrence P. Nash ’54
Vincent P. Nolan ’56
James J. Regan ’98
John J. Rielly ’41
Robert B. Schratwieser ’39
Timothy J. Shorten ’60
Joseph A. Terzi ’37
Edmund J. Torpey ’38
Marshall A. Van Wagner ’41
Franklin C. Wallace ’40
William A. Warner ’56
William F. Whelan ’38
Ronald D. Winchester ’97

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