51st Annual Golf and Tennis Open Award Winners

51st Annual Golf and Tennis Open Award Winners

Congratulations to those who won awards at this year's Golf and Tennis Open. The Open, held once a year at the end of June, is the school's largest fundraiser and draws over 600 members of the Chaminade Family together.

Brookville Country Club

1st Place Low Gross: Matthew Heslin CAPA
2nd Place Low Gross: Kevin Finn '88
3rd Place Low Gross: Nicholas Fischer '06

1st Place Low Net: Tom Mullooly '88
2nd Place Low Net: Tim Curran '88     
3rd Place Low Net: Terry Gardner '84

1st Place Callaway: Scott Feryo '84
2nd Place Callaway: Ron Marciano '84
3rd Place Callaway: Mike Landolphi '88

Longest Drive (14th hole): Andrew Cuomo '02
Straightest Drive (5th hole): Mark Josling '94
Closest to Pin (16th hole): Chris Fitzpatrick '05


Tom Mullooly '88, Tim Curran '88, Kevin Finn '88, Mike Landolphi '88

Meadow Brook Club

1st Place Low Gross: Alex Ozenham Fr.
2nd Place Low Gross: Kevin Gerard '05
3rd Place Low Gross: Thomas Morr '07

1st Place Low Net: Thomas Ahern '13
2nd Place Low Net: Matthew Miller Fr.
3rd Place Low Net: Josh Probeyahn GP.

1st Place Callaway: Charles Reardon '75
2nd Place Callaway: Chris Hanley '80
3rd Place Callaway: Stephen Leghart '85

Straightest Drive (5th hole): Tommy Ahern '13
Longest Drive (7th hole): Alex Oxenham Fr.
Closest to Pin (17th hole): Tim Miller '99


John Feyrer Fr., Alex Oxenham Fr., Justin Frankel Fr., Howard Tarr P'24

Mill River Club

1st Place Low Gross: Kevin Dolph Fr.
2nd Place Low Gross: Mike Meehan '90              
3rd Place Low Gross: Brian Kennedy Fr.

1st Place Low Net: Anthony Arena Fr.
2nd Place Low Net: Brian Frumberg '01
3rd Place Low Net: Emile Sudlow Fr.  

1st Place Callaway: Kevin Dolph Fr.
2nd Place Callaway: Kenneth Robbett '76
3rd Place Callaway: Brian Dunne '13      

Longest Drive (18th hole): Kevin Dolph Fr.
Straightest Drive (4th hole): James Essman Fr.
Closest to Pin (7th hole): Brian Kennedy Fr.


Kevin Dolph Fr., Brian Kennedy Fr., Tim Maffuid Fr., Kenneth Robbett '76

Nassau Country Club

1st Place Low Gross: Matt Gutauskas Fr.
2nd Place Low Gross: Chris Van Praag '14         
3rd Place Low Gross: Chris Palmer '87

1st Place Low Net: Jack Kerning '15
2nd Place Low Net: Ryan Byrne P'24   
3rd Place Low Net: Mike Van Praag '04

1st Place Callaway: Kevin Schuler '95
2nd Place Callaway: Franco Pollini '99
3rd Place Callaway: Thomas Hunter '83      

Longest Drive (12th hole): Mike Van Praag '04
Straightest Drive (2nd hole): Gus Nuzzolese '76
Closest to Pin (5th hole): Rich Podpirka '12


Richard Coppola '00, Matt Gutauskas Fr., Chris Palmer '87

Wheatley Hills Golf Club

1st Place Low Gross: Steve Simonetti Fr.
2nd Place Low Gross: Brain Cruse '14
3rd Place Low Gross: Matt Classi Fr.

1st Place Low Net: Vincent Pappalardo '98
2nd Place Low Net: Kevin Cruse '11      
3rd Place Low Net: Frank Kurre '81

1st Place Callaway: Michael Guerrie CAPA
2nd Place Callaway: Joseph LaRocca '98
3rd Place Callaway: Ken Breglio CAPA

Longest Drive (15th hole): Paul Serie '95
Straightest Drive (9th hole): Rich O’Rourke Fr.
Closest to Pin (8th hole): Paul Callahan '72


Andrew Benazzi '00, Steve Alchermes Fr., Anthony Marino Fr., Thomas LaPorta Fr.

Class Championship

Class of 2005: Jim Zenker, Tim Thornton, Chris Fitzpatrick, Jim Wilson

Pebble Beach Raffle

Susan Doran P'25


1st place doubles: Robert Buetti '11, Tom Gsell Fr.
2nd place doubles: Jim McDerby Fr., Julian Bailey Fr.

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