51st Annual Golf and Tennis Open Award Winners

Congratulations to those who won awards at this year's Golf and Tennis Open. The Open, held once a year at the end of June, is the school's largest fundraiser and draws over 600 members of the Chaminade Family together.

Brookville Country Club

1st Place Low Gross: Matthew Heslin CAPA
2nd Place Low Gross: Kevin Finn '88
3rd Place Low Gross: Nicholas Fischer '06

1st Place Low Net: Tom Mullooly '88
2nd Place Low Net: Tim Curran '88     
3rd Place Low Net: Terry Gardner '84

1st Place Callaway: Scott Feryo '84
2nd Place Callaway: Ron Marciano '84
3rd Place Callaway: Mike Landolphi '88

Longest Drive (14th hole): Andrew Cuomo '02
Straightest Drive (5th hole): Mark Josling '94
Closest to Pin (16th hole): Chris Fitzpatrick '05


Tom Mullooly '88, Tim Curran '88, Kevin Finn '88, Mike Landolphi '88

Meadow Brook Club

1st Place Low Gross: Alex Ozenham Fr.
2nd Place Low Gross: Kevin Gerard '05
3rd Place Low Gross: Thomas Morr '07

1st Place Low Net: Thomas Ahern '13
2nd Place Low Net: Matthew Miller Fr.
3rd Place Low Net: Josh Probeyahn GP.

1st Place Callaway: Charles Reardon '75
2nd Place Callaway: Chris Hanley '80
3rd Place Callaway: Stephen Leghart '85

Straightest Drive (5th hole): Tommy Ahern '13
Longest Drive (7th hole): Alex Oxenham Fr.
Closest to Pin (17th hole): Tim Miller '99


John Feyrer Fr., Alex Oxenham Fr., Justin Frankel Fr., Howard Tarr P'24

Mill River Club

1st Place Low Gross: Kevin Dolph Fr.
2nd Place Low Gross: Mike Meehan '90              
3rd Place Low Gross: Brian Kennedy Fr.

1st Place Low Net: Anthony Arena Fr.
2nd Place Low Net: Brian Frumberg '01
3rd Place Low Net: Emile Sudlow Fr.  

1st Place Callaway: Kevin Dolph Fr.
2nd Place Callaway: Kenneth Robbett '76
3rd Place Callaway: Brian Dunne '13      

Longest Drive (18th hole): Kevin Dolph Fr.
Straightest Drive (4th hole): James Essman Fr.
Closest to Pin (7th hole): Brian Kennedy Fr.


Kevin Dolph Fr., Brian Kennedy Fr., Tim Maffuid Fr., Kenneth Robbett '76

Nassau Country Club

1st Place Low Gross: Matt Gutauskas Fr.
2nd Place Low Gross: Chris Van Praag '14         
3rd Place Low Gross: Chris Palmer '87

1st Place Low Net: Jack Kerning '15
2nd Place Low Net: Ryan Byrne P'24   
3rd Place Low Net: Mike Van Praag '04

1st Place Callaway: Kevin Schuler '95
2nd Place Callaway: Franco Pollini '99
3rd Place Callaway: Thomas Hunter '83      

Longest Drive (12th hole): Mike Van Praag '04
Straightest Drive (2nd hole): Gus Nuzzolese '76
Closest to Pin (5th hole): Rich Podpirka '12


Richard Coppola '00, Matt Gutauskas Fr., Chris Palmer '87

Wheatley Hills Golf Club

1st Place Low Gross: Steve Simonetti Fr.
2nd Place Low Gross: Brain Cruse '14
3rd Place Low Gross: Matt Classi Fr.

1st Place Low Net: Vincent Pappalardo '98
2nd Place Low Net: Kevin Cruse '11      
3rd Place Low Net: Frank Kurre '81

1st Place Callaway: Michael Guerrie CAPA
2nd Place Callaway: Joseph LaRocca '98
3rd Place Callaway: Ken Breglio CAPA

Longest Drive (15th hole): Paul Serie '95
Straightest Drive (9th hole): Rich O’Rourke Fr.
Closest to Pin (8th hole): Paul Callahan '72


Andrew Benazzi '00, Steve Alchermes Fr., Anthony Marino Fr., Thomas LaPorta Fr.

Class Championship

Class of 2005: Jim Zenker, Tim Thornton, Chris Fitzpatrick, Jim Wilson

Pebble Beach Raffle

Susan Doran P'25


1st place doubles: Robert Buetti '11, Tom Gsell Fr.
2nd place doubles: Jim McDerby Fr., Julian Bailey Fr.

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