Honoring the Fallen

Honoring the Fallen

Fifty-six Chaminade alumni who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation were honored at the annual Gold Star Mass Thursday. Its name comes from a tradition dating back to the First World War; military families who lost a loved one in combat place a small banner with a gold star in their home windows.

Alumni in the armed services were invited as participants in the Mass and as guests at a luncheon which followed. It was the first Gold Star Mass for U.S. Navy Cmndr. Cliff Allen '92, who served in the Persian Gulf and Iraq.

He recalled, "How powerful a feeling it was to sit through the Mass and honor the sacrifice of these servicemen," he said. "In dying, they saved many lives."

Anthony Capobianco '15 is a cadet at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

He explained, "The Gold Star Mass had a huge influence on my decision to go to West Point. I might not have made the same decision without attending the Mass each year as a Chaminade student."

Perhaps the most emotional moment of the Mass came after communion, when Alumni Association President Christopher Foresto, M.D. '94 read the names of each Gold Star alumnus. The only other sound in the Activity-Athletic Center came from two student buglers playing "Taps."

"Every time the names were read," Anthony thought, "I was reminded of who I wanted to be."

At the same time, Cliff said, "I wasn't alone getting teary-eyed. I'm thankful Chaminade has maintained this important tradition."

Rev. Msgr. Charles Fink was the primary celebrant of the Mass. Newsday recently featured Msgr. Fink and his recitation of the poem, "Bury Me With Soldiers." He is the pastor of Our Lady of the Snows in Blue Point. At 22, he survived an ambush while deployed in Vietnam.

May the souls of Chaminade's Gold Star alumni rest in peace.

Anthony Bedell '43
Hugh P. Biddick '39
Charles F. Bird '40
Robert J. Biss '42
Harold W. Borer '35
George A. Brast '38
Robert G. Bruswitz '55
James J. Cahill '42
Robert F. Carroll '54
Joseph M. Clarke '33
James P. Connolly '56
George H. Cridland '39
Frank J. Donnelly '40
James J. Donnelly '44
Paul J. Dour '77
John H. Doxey '43
Paul A. Drucker '59
Edward A. Ednie '47
Guido Farinaro '67
John F. Felbinger '55
Patrick Foran '61
George J. Friedel '43
Herbert E. Frost '55
Martin T. Gill '40
Michael J. Haase '41
Frank J. Haggerty '36
John F. Hennessey '40
Stephen E. Karopczyc '61
Charles M. Kearns '38
Daniel B. Kelly '35
William Killea '63
Robert A. Kisch '62
Frank R. Knox '43
Walter Koslow '38
William Lang '42
Michael LiCalzi '00
John H. Losh '33
James B. Lynch '60
John P. Madigan '40
Richard A. Marfurt '64
John J. McDonald '35
John W. Meehan '43
Robert A. Meehan '43
Lawrence P. Nash '54
Vincent P. Nolan '56
James J. Regan '98
John J. Reilly '41
Robert T. Schratwieser '39
Timothy J. Shorten '60
Joseph A. Terzi '37
Edmund J. Torpey '38
M. Alfred Van Wagner '42
Franklin C. Wallace '40
William A. Warner '56
William F. Whelan '38
Ronald D. Winchester '97