Hiking Alongside the Hudson

Hiking Alongside the Hudson

The mountains are calling, and this summer, thanks to the easing of pandemic restrictions, Chaminade’s Hiking Club could answer that call once again.

Departing on Wednesday, June 23, ten hikers from all four grade levels spent three nights and four days enjoying the splendors of the Adirondack Mountain Range in upstate New York.

The hikers and their moderators braved the “Adirondack Extreme,” an outdoor obstacle course and zip line high up in the trees. They went white-water rafting on the upper Hudson River and then scaled Mt. Hurricane, whose summit, at an elevation of 3,678 feet, afforded a 360-degree view of Lake Champlain and the surrounding mountains.

Moderators for the trip were Bro. Ryszard Decowski, S.M. '77, Bro. Andrew Santoriello, S.M. '07, Mr. Shuchao Luo, and Mr. Brian Gallery '18. Graduates Larry Mahon '78 and Thomas Portuese '99 provided lodging and hospitality to the hikers -- once again demonstrating the strong bonds of the Chaminade Family.

Some more photos of the trip can be found on our Facebook page.