Chaminade High School Mission Statement

Chaminade High School Mission Statement


Chaminade High School is a Catholic college-preparatory institution rooted in the Marianist tradition and committed to the formation of young men as sons of Mary and authentic witnesses to Christ, His Gospel, and His Church. The Chaminade Family educates the whole man — body, mind, and soul — so that he is prepared for professional life, family life, and responsible citizenship.


As a school rooted in the Marianist tradition, Chaminade embraces the five characteristics of Marianist educational institutions throughout the world: formation in faith; family spirit; an integral, quality education; a commitment to service, justice, peace, and the integrity of creation; and a readiness for adaptation and change.

  • Our philosophy of education calls for formation in Christ, so that faith becomes living, conscious, and active through instruction and practice. We proclaim to our students the Gospel of the Risen Lord, showing that this Good News gives meaning to their lives. Further, we revere the Blessed Virgin Mary as the woman who brought Jesus Christ to the world and as the first and foremost disciple of the Lord. Our commitment to serving Christ, His Church, and our community is paramount.
  • Family spirit is the hallmark of the Chaminade Family, a community of fellowship and faith consisting of administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, and alumni parents. As a family, we believe that the educational process is essentially relational, as students learn from the robust exchange of ideas with their teachers and with their peers. Further, this family spirit promotes mutual respect, concern, cooperation, and camaraderie that Chaminade graduates carry with them for the rest of their lives. Our school motto, Fortes in Unitate (Strength in Unity) underlines the importance of this family spirit.
  • Chaminade endeavors to provide its students with an integral, quality education that seeks to educate the whole man. We propose to form our students in those intellectual skills that will help them judge critically and rightly. Our rigorous, four-year liberal-arts curriculum offers a broad, multi-disciplinary approach to education that allows every student to master a certain body of knowledge and complete an academic course of studies that challenges the high-achieving young men who are entrusted to us. We offer a full range of sports, co-curricular activities, and extracurricular activities. These not only impart skills; more importantly, they form character. We hope that, by the end of his four years in school, each and every graduate embodies the ideals of "the Chaminade Man" who "does the right thing at the right time because it is the right thing to do, regardless of who is watching."
  • We hold that "the Chaminade Man" is a man for others, with a lively concern for justice and peace, a profound awareness of the integrity of creation, and a deeply held commitment to service. Education in Catholic moral theology and Catholic social teaching, we believe, lays the groundwork for these goals. Service projects in and outside of school reinforce them.
  • We strive to empower our students to adapt to a rapidly changing world. We seek to combine the proven curriculum and methods of a successful educational tradition with modern pedagogical and technological advances to provide our students with the twenty-first century skills they will need for professional life and responsible citizenship: collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Our hope for our students and our graduates is that they will have confidence in their strengths and in their core values, but also the humility to respect the viewpoints of others and to respond wisely and gracefully to the signs of the times.