50th Annual Golf and Tennis Open Award Winners

50th Annual Golf and Tennis Open Award Winners

Congratulations to those who won awards at this year's Golf and Tennis Open. The Open, held once a year at the end of June, is the school's largest fundraiser and draws over 600 members of the Chaminade Family together.

Brookville Country Club

1st Place Low Gross: Michael Meehan '90
2nd Place Low Gross: Andrew Pohalski '11  
3rd Place Low Gross: Christian Alpert '91

1st Place Low Net: Joseph Spina '11
2nd Place Low Net: Timothy Jarzynka '06
3rd Place Low Net: Nick Rosato Fr.

1st Place Callaway: Michael Landolphi '88
2nd Place Callaway: Sean Creegan '97
3rd Place Callaway: Brian Gilgan Fr.

Longest Drive (14th hole): Patrick Sheehan '17
Straightest Drive (5th hole): Robert Palumbo Fr.
Closest to Pin (16th hole): Justin McCarthy '97

Michael Meehan '90, Christian Alpert '91, Thomas Walsh '90, Christopher Hickey '90

Meadow Brook Club

1st Place Low Gross: Michael Rafferty '87
2nd Place Low Gross: Christopher Van Praag '14
3rd Place Low Gross: Philip Fahey '84

1st Place Low Net: Gregory Shaughnessy P'24
2nd Place Low Net: Ryan Byrne P'24
3rd Place Low Net: Thomas Butkiewicz Fr.

1st Place Callaway: Tim Lynch Fr.
2nd Place Callaway: Michael McGuire CAPA
3rd Place Callaway: James Doig Fr.

Straightest Drive (5th hole): Sean Kilduff '88
Longest Drive (7th hole): Paul Bernardo '74
Closest to Pin (17th hole): Gary Camus '76

Bill Roberti Fr., Gerard Griffin '87, Robert Kelly '88, Michael Rafferty '87

Mill River Club

1st Place Low Gross: Alex Oxenham Fr.
2nd Place Low Gross: Peter Barry CAPA
3rd Place Low Gross: Thomas Barbaro Fr.

1st Place Low Net: Christopher Tully '80
2nd Place Low Net: Francis Ruchalski '82
3rd Place Low Net: William Ellsworth '82

1st Place Callaway: Daniel Friel '82
2nd Place Callaway: Sean Umhafer P'22
3rd Place Callaway: Nick Milone '96

Longest Drive (18th hole): Frank Serravalli '09
Straightest Drive (4th hole): Mark Rossano '02
Closest to Pin (7th hole): Michael Walsh '13

John Feyrer Fr., Justin Frankel Fr., Alex Oxenham Fr., Howard Tarr P'24

Nassau Country Club

1st Place Low Gross: Kevin Seltzer '84
2nd Place Low Gross Harry McCabe '85
3rd Place Low Gross: William Melchionni '85

1st Place Low Net: Thomas Field Fr.
2nd Place Low Net: Kevin Cudahy '85
3rd Place Low Net: Kristopher Kalibat '07

1st Place Callaway: Brendan Fitzpatrick '88
2nd Place Callaway: Liam Carey '07
3rd Place Callaway: Scott Feryo '84

Longest Drive (12th hole): Timothy Bowe Jr. '06
Straightest Drive (2nd hole): Richard Cooney '85
Closest to Pin (5th hole): Andrew Smith Fr.

Richard Cooney '85, Kevin Cudahy '85, Anthony Iandoli '85, Anthony Spera '85

Wheatley Hills Golf Club

1st Place Low Gross: Matt Gutauskas Fr.
2nd Place Low Gross: Christopher Palmer '87
3rd Place Low Gross: Dave Brigagliano Fr.

1st Place Low Net: John Coleman '82
2nd Place Low Net: Richard LeWarn Fr.
3rd Place Low Net: Joseph Pollicino '77

1st Place Callaway: Rich Morandi Fr.
2nd Place Callaway: Pat Filippetti Fr.
3rd Place Callaway: John Maher '90

Longest Drive (15th hole): Brian McNamara '09
Straightest Drive (9th hole): Michael Reardon '07
Closest to Pin (8th hole): Mike Lavery Fr.

Richard Coppola '00, Christopher Palmer '87, Matt Gutauskas Fr., John Curran '72

Class Championship

Class of 1988: Thomas Mullooly, Kevin Finn, Timothy Curran, Michael Landolphi

Pebble Beach Raffle

Gary Romaka '04


1st place singles: Andrew Galligan P'23
2nd place singles: Thomas Gsell Fr.
1st place doubles: Justin Kuczmarski '95 and James Lynch '71
2nd place doubles: Michael McGee '77 and Julian Bailey Fr.