2020-2021 Bloomberg Portfolio Challenge

2020-2021 Bloomberg Portfolio Challenge

Every year, the juniors and seniors in the Bloomberg Financial Literacy Class (taught by Mrs. Tina Carlstrom and Mr. Kevin St Pierre) compete in the "Bloomberg Portfolio Challenge". They compete in teams (by classrooms) as well as individually. Each student is asked to pick three socks to be included in the class portfolio. At the end of the year, we pick the class with the best performance in each grade (juniors and seniors) and a top individual performer as well.  The final results are in: 

The Senior Class (ended 4/15) was up +31.6% versus S&P 500, which was up +22.6% over the same time period.  Only about a third of the professional portfolio managers actually beat the S&P 500, and our students (both seniors and juniors) have accomplished this two years in a row. 

The Top Senior was Kieran Gayron, whose picks were up an average of +619% (HP +101%, VLO +83%, and GME +1,673%). The Top Senior Team was Peach Financial, with an average performance of +98%.

The Junior competition was wrapped up on Friday, June 4th.  The Junior Class finished up +31.0% compared with a 25.8% increase in the S&P 500 over the same time frame.  The winning Junior team was Santana Savings (pictured below), who posted a performance of +54.4%. 

The winning individual in the Junior Class was Aiden Keane (below), who finished up 324.6%, driven by his three stock selections of AMC (+931%), DAL (+45%), and UNA (-3%).