Chaminade Celebrates Foreign Languages Week

Chaminade Celebrates Foreign Languages Week
The New York Center for Flamenco Performing Arts brought flare and fanfare to Chaminade's Foreign Languages Week.

ArtsFlamenco dancers and musicians seek to preserve the traditions of flamenco while supporting the evolution of flamenco as an art form. They performed for students Wednesday in Hearst Auditorium, and even invited student volunteers to come to the stage and learn techniques first-hand.

Performers explained that the goal of the presentation was not simply entertainment, but rather, to convey the culture and emotion woven into every dance and song.

"These events reinforce the lessons we teach in the classroom," said Mrs. Alanna Kump, chair of the Foreign Languages Department and Spanish IV teacher. "True understanding of language comes not just from learning the words and the grammar, but through speaking, listening, and immersion in the art it inspires. We hope it has inspired our men."

A palpable energy filled the room as the performers began their show – and asked students to try learning the coordinated footwork of the flamenco.

"It's not that easy," admitted Griffin Jusko '19. "You literally have to be in lock-step with everyone around you. But, once you watch, listen, and practice, you can see why flamenco is such a cherished tradition."

Foreign Languages Week is also celebrated from a faith perspective; each morning's televised school prayer video is recited in one of Chaminade's academic languages – Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish.

Watch a portion of the performance here: