Empowering Our Students, Endowing Our Future

One Mission. One Family.

Empowering Our Students, Endowing Our Future focuses everything we do back on our core mission to form young men through an exceptional, financially accessible Catholic education. This campaign moves that mission forward by funding two critical needs Chaminade faces today: the Science, Technology, and Research Center and the Torch endowment. The new tools and facilities in the Science, Technology, and Research Center will allow Chaminade to expand its science offerings and forge new partnerships with hospitals, corporations, and higher educational institutions. These enhancements will give our students the strongest possible foundation for collegiate science courses and the competitive STEM job market. Our endowment produces a steady stream of investment income to supplement the school’s operating budget and keep costs down. Gifts to this campaign fund both vital projects so that the endowment will continue to grow even as we raise funds for the new building.


196 families have generously pledged their support.

Thank you!

Donors to Date

4 Anonymous Donors

Lisa Marie and Harold Adamo

Theresa and Bob Ahlstrom ’81

Janine and Peter Alizio

Angela and Christopher Amico ’01

Margaret and Karl Anderson

John Argenziano ’95

Bob Atkins

Kimberley and Leo Barnes ’89

Claire and Bill Basel ’58

Francine and Chris Bellistri ’96

Hope and John Bertrand ’89

Julie Westerman Bostwick

Ann and Tim Bowe/Abco-Peerless

Debra and Peter Braito

Chris and Jack Bransfield ’59

June and Ken Breglio

Jacqueline and Roy Breitenbach

Carolyn and John Buechler ’64

Christine and Greg Burke

Jennifer and Steve Burr ’93

Barbara and Tom Cahill ’83

Myong and Gene Caiafa ’88

Lisa and Anthony Caluori

Colleen and Dan Caniano ’76

Ann Marie and David Capodanno

Bridget and Tony Caporrino ’92

Stefanie and Anthony Cappellino

Valerie and Jim Carillo ’85

Sue and Dave Casey

Kit and Doug Casey ’62

Denise and Robert Cerrone

Barbara and Doug Chapey

Lisa and Jim Cleary

Mai and John Cleary

Marguerite and Robert Cleary

Julie and Bill Cleary ’85

Kelly and Joe Coffey ’83

Dee and Kevin Conway ’76 and Family

John Cook/Cook & Krupa

Catherine and Terence Cooke ’93

Lisa and Robert Coors

Coral Cast, LLC

Patricia and John Cosgrove

Carol and John Crean ’78

Julia and Tom Crimmins ’88

Danielle and John Crowley ’94

Suzanne and Paul Cullen

Mary Ellen and Pat Curtin

Al D’Amato ’55

Margaret and Peter D’Angelo

Sheri and David Delaney ’00

Kim and Tim Delaney ’95

Janine and Dave DeMilt ’89

Deborah and Richard DeVerna ’82

Jacquelyn and Hermann Doss

Marie and Chris Durnan ’83

Carolyn and Matt Durnan ’88

Anne and Paul Durnan ’94

Roxanne and TJ Durnan ’96

Maureen and Don Earl ’81

Sarah and Tony Earley ’67

Cathleen and Bill Ellsworth ’82

Christine and John Farrell ’86

The Fee Foundation

Christine and Kevin Fee ’67/Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co.

Feeney Family

Lourdes and James Fenton

Michele and Ken Ferguson ’73

Alison and Jeffrey Ferrara

Laura and Edward Fitzgerald

Gaillee and Neil Fitzpatrick ’91

Christopher Flatz ’00

Stephen Fleming ’91

Paula and Dom Foresto

Gita and Larry Frankini

Deb and Gary Friedman

Kendall and Timothy Gallagher

Roseann and Frank Garibaldi

Debra and Bob Gerner

Lucille Giardina

Marie and Chris Gibbons ’69/Forerunner Technologies

Annmarie and Bill Golden ’83

Sharon and Larry Grassini ’63

Nicole and Michael Graziano

Frances and Jim Greiner

Sara and Edward Hajduk

Christine Hanley

Tracey and Chris Hanley ’80

Jennifer and John Hanley

Kathleen and Tom Hanley ’77

Bernadette and James Harrison

Christine and Chris Haunss ’00

Chris and Buddy Haunss

The Hennessy Family

Sheila and Matthew Heslin

Marianne and Joe Horan

Laura and Brian Hull ’77

Jaghab, Jaghab, & Jaghab

Lynn and Edward Jamie

Catherine and Tom Jessop ’84

Diane and William Karl

Katie McBride Foundation

Mo and Dick Kearns ’68

Jean and Sean Kilduff ’88

Marylou and Lawrence King

Randy and Timothy Kinsley

Irene and Peter Klein/Claire Friedlander Family Foundation

Fran and Frank Kurre ’81

Susan and Phil Landolphi ’84

MaryLou and Kevin Laurie

Christopher LoGrippo ’12

Beth and Pat Long ’67

Kathy and Patrick Lough

Chris and Kevin Loughlin ’67

Deborah and Kevin Lynch

Cristina and Dominic Macedo ’83

Mame and Chuck Mansfield ’62

Renee and Tony Marlon ’59

Denise and Michael Mattone

Jeanne and Michael McBride

Ken McCann ’91

Irena and Mike McCarthy ’82

Eileen and Sean McDermott

Lori and John McDonald ’87

Marion and Jerry McGovern ’68

Jill and Chris McKenna ’82

Marie and Hank McMahon

Michelle and Tim McManus ’86

Steve Melley

Robert and Maureen Minion

Tara and Chris Moran ’85

Alexis and Louis Morledge

Chris Neamonitis ’01

Christina and Sandy Nicolia/Elm Transit Mix

Kathleen and Brian Noonan ’86

Mary and Gus Nuzzolese ’76

Margaret and Bob O’Brien ’79

Ellen and Michael O’Hare

Alison and David Palmer

Kristen and Anthony Patten ’87

Kelly and James Pecora

Maggie and Edward Perks ’88

Amy and Joe Pollaci ’99

Kathy and Ed Pramberger

Kathryn and Michael Rafferty ’87

Margaret and Andrew Rainone

Lisa and Peter Reali

Nicholas Richardson ’18

Mary and John Rieger

Kathie and Ron Riescher ’59

Jean and Tom Rollauer ’65

Joanne and Ed Ronan

Kristin and Jim Rudolph ’99

Lauren and Ray Rudolph ’85

Linda and Michael Ryan

Christine and Tom Ryan ’86

Helene and George Sacco ’69

Margaret and Reid Sakowich

Maureen and Kevin Sampson ’73

Bob Schueler ’67

Lauren and Bob Shannon ’92

Patricia and Brian Shea

Dianne and John Sheehan

Jessica and Ed Smith ’89

Mary Ann and Scott Smythe

Diane and Matt Spero ’92

Yana and John Squeri

Denise and Charlie Strain ’69

Laura and Calvin Sullivan ’99

Sure Iron Works

Mike Sutton ’09

Kristy and John Sweeney ’90

Laura and Joseph Sweeney

Tiffany and Joe Terranova ’84

Maria and Ernesto Tersigni ’84

Elaine and Don Textor

Christine and Mike Tiedemann

Anne Westerman Trait

Marina and Sal Trentacoste

Alex Troso

Alexander Umland ’14

Jeanne and John Umland

Jennifer and Carl Valentino

Ivy-Dan and Gregory Walsh

John Westerman ’75

Maura and Phil Westerman ’82

Westermann Sheehy Keenan Samaan & Aydelott

Amanda and Christopher Wood ’94

Bob Wright ’61

Vanessa and Raymond Wrobleski

Pat and Fred Yosca ’69

Louisa and Loris Zeppieri ’91

Memorial Opportunities

Thank you to our generous donors who have established memorials. Boldface memorials are still available. For the pricing of the remaining memorial opportunities in the Science, Technology, and Research Center, please see page 8 of our campaign brochure.

Religious Images in Every Room
Southwest Cornerstone

Southeast Cornerstone
Northwest Cornerstone
Northeast Cornerstone
Atrium Memorialization
Floating Staircase

Foucault Pendulum
First Floor Living Wall
Second Floor Living Wall
Third Floor Living Wall
North Vestibule and Glass-Enclosed Stairway
Science Olympiad Lab Memorialization
Science Olympiad Teaching Wall
Science Olympiad Computerized Lab Probes
Earth Science Lab Memorialization
Earth Science Teaching Wall
Earth Science Computerized Lab Probes

Underwriting for the Sal Trentacoste Physics Lab
Physics Computerized Lab Probes
Physics Lab Teaching Wall
Second Floor South Landing
Third Floor South Landing Collaborative Work Space
Research Lab Memorialization
DNA Sequencer
DNA (PCR) Amplifier
Research Lab Teaching Wall
Research Lab Laminar Flow Cabinet and Ventilation System

Research Lab Teaching Wall
Research Lab Laminar Flow Cabinet and Ventilation System
Research Lab Computerized Lab Probes
Chemistry Lab Memorialization
Chemistry Lab Teaching Wall
Chemistry Lab Ventilation System and Fume Hoods

Chemistry Computerized Lab Probes
Biology Lab Memorialization
Anatomage Table
Biology Lab Teaching Wall
Biology Lab Ventilation System and Fume Hoods
Biology Computerized Lab Probes

Chaminade Events Space Memorialization
South Terrace Memorialization
North Terrace Memorialization
4-Meter Mobile Bed and Flow Visualization Tank
Teaching Flume with Complete Fluid Dynamics Model

Sediment Transport Demonstration Channel
Drainage & Seepage Tank
River Flow Demonstrator
Drain Permeameter & Hydraulics Bench
Custom Furnishings
Laser Cutter
3D Printer & 3D Scanner
Metal-Working Lathes & Mills

Observation Deck Memorialization
Telescope Dome

Campaign Details

For more information about Empowering Our Students, Endowing Our Future, please read our brochure. A recent article in the Chaminade News also details the purpose and the goal for this campaign.

Contact Us

The Chaminade Development Office is available to answer any questions you may have. Please call (516) 742-5555 ext. 444, or email empowering@chaminade-hs.org.


Learn more about Empowering Our Students, Endowing Our Future and how you can support Chaminade's young men.

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